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What Bathroomer.org is

Every home has a magical place. A place, where you can forget about all the stresses and difficulties you faced during your day and literally wash them away. A place, where, on the other hand, you can fill yourself with energy early in the morning so that even the most eventful day is a piece of cake for you. We’re talking about your bathroom, of course.

With that said, there’s nothing surprising in your wish to make this place as convenient and aesthetically-pleasing as possible. And that’s where we come into play. With this website, all you have to do is to find the desired topic and choose out of the greatest products the market has to offer.

Our team

Our Team

Deborah Beams
Research Writer
Deborah is an incredibly talented journalist who's been working for numerous online magazines for over 8 years now. She's also our main research writer who can turn any boring topic into an Read More
Charles Eggleston
Expert Consultant
Charles's been a plumber his entire life. Thanks to his vast experience we can always rely on Charles' expert opinion when creating any of our articles. He's also a fantastic fisherman and Read More
John Trujillo
Web Producer

How are our reviews created?

If you have ever tried to find something specific online, you do know how daunting the search can be. The market is flooded with a multitude of different products, all of which claimed to be the best of the best.

Initial research: We start our search by studying the topic first. Before you scour the market, you need to understand what to actually look for. Our experts decide which specifications are important to pay attention to and what exactly they should be.

Selecting the products: Next, we compile a preliminary list of the potentially suitable options. In order to make sure each model corresponds to its description, we start studying the real buyers’ feedback. It’s important to note that some online reviews are unnatural and created solely for improving the product’s rating. We do know that it’s not uncommon so we use a number of tools (such as Fakespot) to detect and eliminate such issues.

Giving each option its score: Based on the real product’s rating, its sales statistics, and feedback, we use our own BathScore scoring system to put all of the chosen options into the correct order, starting from the best all-around.

Writing the article: Our talented team of authors now start their work. Their goal is to put all of the collected data together and create an all-encompassing, informative review, outlining all the pros and cons of each product.

Preparing it for publication: After the article is ready, our professional editors make sure the text is cohesive, coherent, and easy to read. They also eliminate all the possible grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes and make some final amendments to prepare the article for publication. Finally, our content managers turn the text into a beautifully organised article, adding the corresponding photos, videos, and other graphic elements.

Are we sponsored by anyone?

Our reviews are totally unbiased as we are not sponsored by any particular manufacturer. We get commissions in case the product is sold via our site, but there’s no diversification between certain products or brands. It helps us remain honest, sharing our true findings and opinions.

Have questions left?

Feel free to leave comments in the special box at the bottom of each of the articles. If, however, you have any personal questions or suggestions concerning the website in general, send an email to our editorial team. We are always ready to help and open to any new collaborations.