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Our portal is designated to help you make your bathroom a place you want it to be. Whether you need expert advice on tub installation basics or or a list of the most reliable and stylish faucets the market has to offer today – we got you covered. Create that incomparable relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom with the right things and knowledge our team is ready to share.
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We do not hide our faces behind fake pics and bios. Each member of our team is connected with bathroom appliances in some way. Some of us work as shop assistants, others do the actual plumbing or write articles, but we have one thing in common — the Bathroomer project that unites us. Check out the small bios next to our photos below to learn a bit more.
Deborah Beams
Deborah Beams
Deborah is an incredibly talented journalist who's been working for numerous online magazines for over 8 years now. She's also our main research writer who can turn any boring topic into an Read More
Charles Eggleston
Charles Eggleston
Charles's been a plumber his entire life. Thanks to his vast experience we can always rely on Charles' expert opinion when creating any of our articles. He's also a fantastic fisherman and Read More

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