10 Awesome Electric Shavers for Black Men – No More In-Grown Hair Problem

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What a manufacturer refers to as a premium product is not always true. Take electric shavers, for example. A shaver should have the best features and even have the capability to serve you for years. However, as most black men will concur, an electric shaver must have particular features to allow them to shave with comfort. Such a shaver must not cause razor bumps or ingrown hairs.

Finding the best electric shaver for black men demands that such a shaver have high-quality shaving elements. Such a shaver should cut close to the skin while ensuring that your sensitive skin remains intact. The charging duration and the working time of the shaver are the other factors to check out. You don’t want to be charging the shaver every other 30 minutes. It is crucial that you consider the weight of the shaver too, the guarantee it’s backed with, and the cuts per minute it can reach.

Top 10 Electric Shavers for Black Men Review 2021


Braun Series 7 7893sEditor’s Choice

  • Working time: 50 min
  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Shaving elements: 4
  • Guarantee: 2-year limited
  • Charge time: 1 hr

More features: travel case included, wet/dry modes, slide out trimmer, skin guard, sonic vibrations, contour adaptation, 5 modes, 40,000 cpm speed

The Braun Series 7 7893s shaver has been designed to cater to the specific needs of black men who often have to deal with the problem of sensitive skin. This Series 7 shaver offers comfort while guaranteeing exceptional results. Braun has used the 1 SkinGuard technology and 4 elements on this item to ensure that you catch all the hairs. According to an IPI Institute study in February 2015, this shaver cuts 3-day hair with one stroke that other shavers do in two. The 10,000 micro-vibrations and an adaptive motor ensure more hair, even if dense is captured in one stroke.

You will love using this effective 1 pound shaver. You will need to charge it for one hour to have enough power to last you for continuous usage of 50 minutes. What’s more? The shaver has a cool display area where you get to know the remaining charge in the unit.

For those with very sensitive skin, the 7893s shaver delivers 40,000 CPM, and you can opt to use any of the 5 different shaving modes. The 8-D contour adaptation helps the machine adapt to your skin and even catch those hairs in hard-to-reach places. Indeed, it is the best electric shaver and trimmer for black men.

What we liked: This Series 7 shaver scores highly not only because of its cool design and versatility but also because of its 5-meter 100% waterproof feature. It also comes with a travel case.

What could be better: The only complaint is that the sideburn trimmer is oddly placed.


Braun Series 9 9291ccPremium Pick

  • Working time: 50 min
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs
  • Shaving elements: 5
  • Guarantee: 2-year limited
  • Charge time: 1 hr

More features: 40,000 cpm speed, wet/dry modes, LED screen, travel case included, slide-out trimmer, automatic cleaning, 10-way direction flexi head, travel lock

The Braun Series 9 9291cc shaver is a must-have shaver for every black man who wants to exude elegance and confidence. This shaver boasts an intelligent feature that allows it to read the type of beard you have, allowing it to adjust the amount of power required to deliver a clean shave. The shaver’s head is specially designed to read your face hence guaranteeing a perfect shave. The five elements of the shaver guarantee precision and comfort. This head boasts of 10-way direction flexibility.

When you invest in this Braun shaver, you will enjoy its lightweight of 2.1 lbs. You will also find that charging it only takes 50 short minutes while allowing you to use it for one hour. A black gentleman is faced with the challenge of ingrown hairs and razor bumps. This is dealt with by the machine by delivering up to 40,000 cuts per minute. This allows it to capture most of the hair on the first stroke. Depending on the environment you are in, the shaver can be adjusted to wet and dry shaving modes. The manufacturer has used Sonic Technology for the best shaving experience, which delivers 10,000 micro-vibrations, reducing friction, hence delivering a smoother shave. Ultimately, these features make this product the best electric shaver for black men with sensitive skin.

What we liked: You can use this shaver in the shower. It is water-resistant up to 5 meters. Cleaning, lubricating, charging and drying are all done at the simple touch of a button.

What could be better: You’d think the series 9 is an advancement of Series 7. It is not. For such a premium price tag, the gadget cannot deliver a shave as clean as that of a razor.


Philips Norelco S9721/89Best Rotary Electric Shaver

  • Working time: 60 min
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Shaving elements: 3
  • Guarantee: 2-year limited
  • Charge time: 1 hr

More features: 8-directional contour sensors, LED screen, travel case included, click-on trimmer, cleaning brush included, travel lock

The Philips Norelco S9721/89 shaver can be said without a doubt to be the best rotary shaver for black men. A majority of black men often encounter the challenges of ingrown hairs and razor bumps whenever they decide to shave their beards. This Philips shaver offers a close shave while guaranteeing your comfort. The shaver comes with three heads, each of which boasts of the capability to independently move in 8 directions. This allows the shaver to move along every curve and contour of your face. This helps the machine capture an extra 20% more hair while ensuring the machine’s closeness to the skin is 30% more.

Speed is critical when it comes to shaving a black man. The Norelco S9721/89 can be set into three shaving modes; slow, medium and fast. The slow mode of the machine guarantees a closer shave. The medium delivers a thorough shave while the fast mode is for the high-powered shave. The gentle facial cleansing brush attachment gives a thorough cleaning.

Weighing only 3 pounds, this shaver is easy on the hand and easy to operate. You will need to charge the shaver for one hour to get 60 minutes of use. The LED screen on the gadget comes in handy when you want to check the power usage.

What we liked: The manufacturer has backed the product with a 2-year warranty.  We also liked the item because it is travel equipped and offers ample working time.

What could be better: While it delivers clean shaves, it does so after many passes. The other not amusing thing about the machine is that it takes up to 4 hours to clean.

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Remington Heritage SeriesBest Domestic Electric Shaver

  • Working time: 60 min
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Shaving elements: 2
  • Guarantee: 2-year limited
  • Charge time: 2 hr

More features: USB charging, pop-up trimmer, LED indicators, wet/dry modes, washable

After every shave, you should feel fresh and rejuvenated. The Remington Heritage 9100 Series shaver is guaranteed to give you just that and more. This shaver is designed to give a dry or a wet shave. So it doesn’t really matter whether you opt to use foam when shaving, this shaver will serve you well. Moreover, you can easily wash it under the faucet and still use it for years to come.

With over eighty years of hands-on experience, Remington confidently gives you this shaver which can shave at even the most difficult angles. With two highly effective elements, this machine will shave all types of beards. The Lift Logic foils of the machine ensure hairs are captured with a single stroke. This is especially important for black men who often have curly hair and sensitive skin.

The 9100 Series shaver will charge for two hours and give you 60 continuous minutes of working time. Weighing only 1.4 pounds, this shaver is easy to handle with your hand. As one of the best electric razors for black men, this shaver affords you cool features such as USB charging, a pop-up trimmer and LED indicators.

What are its best features? We love this inexpensive shaver for its versatility and unmistakable cool design. Cleaning the unit is easy and can be used in the shower without the risk of any damage. Don’t forget the Remington brand carries a two-year warranty on the shaver.

What could be improved? Even though we have already approved its low price, some may find the price to be a bit high for the quality of shaves it offers.


Braun Series 9 9330sBest Travel Electric Shaver

  • Working time: 60 min
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Shaving elements: 5
  • Guarantee: 2-year limited
  • Charge time: 1.5 hr

More features: travel case included, sonic vibrations, 40,000 cpm speed, wet/dry modes, LED indicators, shave sensor, waterproof, charging stand

For men with extra sensitive skin, the Braun Series 9 9330s is the shaver to go for. If you have tried other shavers without getting the results that you desire, this shaver which combines a total of five shaving elements, will not disappoint. With every stroke, this trimmer can catch more hair and still remain comfortable on the skin. The two central elements are designed to capture all manner of hair.

With this 9 Series shaver, you will get up to 40,000 cuts per minute and 10,000 sonic micro vibrations which ensure that the machine is easy on your skin. With a 0.05mm closeness to the skin, this shaver is guaranteed to give you the smoothest shave even if your skin is sensitive. One and half hours of charge will provide you with 60 minutes of working time.

The shaver is ergonomically designed and is comfortable to the hand. Moreover, its 1-pound weight makes it easy to handle. Other cool features that the unit boasts of are LED indicators, a shave sensor and a charging stand. Of course, its 100% water-resistant feature makes it a great investment for the buyer.

What do we love it for? Braun is a German brand, and its products are known to be reliable. Besides the manufacturer backing this shaver with a 2-year limited warranty, the user is given an assurance that it has been designed to last at least 7 years.

What were we disappointed with? Though this is a premium shaver, it is bulkier and might not be a true upgrade of 7 Series for those that wish to abandon their 7 Series.


Panasonic Arc4 ES8243AABest Value

  • Working time: 60 min
  • Weight: 0.64 oz
  • Shaving elements: 4
  • Guarantee: 2-year limited
  • Charge time: 1 hr

More features: flexible head, pop-up trimmer, wet/dry modes, 13,000 cpm speed, LCD screen, waterproof, travel lock

The best electric shaver for black men under $100 is the Panasonic Arc4 ES8243AA. The shaver gives you a close and comfortable shave every time. The cordless premium-tier electric shaver comes with precision-honed hypoallergenic Nanotech blades. Together with the 13,000 cpm linear drive motor, and a multi-flex quick-pivoting head ensures that the shaver gives you a comfortable, clean shave. The manufacturer has included stainless steel foils that capture, lift and hold hairs or whiskers in place to allow the four sharp blades to cut them at 30 degrees.

The shaver is ergonomically designed, thus making it comfortable on the hand. The shaver further makes your life easier by its wet/dry use compatibility feature. This means you can use foam or gel to shave while showering. With a total weight of 0.64 ounces, it is easy to see why this is a perfect travel companion. You will use the shaver for one continuous hour after charging it for a similar period of time. The flexible head and the high-precision elements make this shaver compete with the more expensive models and brands.

What we liked: For a price of less than $100, you will be pleased to find this shaver’s head easily conforms to the shape of your jaw, chin or face hence giving you an excellent shave. You will also love the chic design as well as the cool illuminated LED screen.

What could be better: Some of the things that are not so great about the Arc4 shaver include it being too loud and doesn’t come with a cleaning brush.


Panasonic ES-LV67-KARC5Best for Sensitive Skin

  • Working time: 45 min
  • Weight: 6.4 oz
  • Shaving elements: 5
  • Guarantee: 2-year limited
  • Charge time: 1 hr

More features: 70,000 ccpm speed, 16-d shaving head, shave sensor, wet/dry modes, waterproof, LED status indicator, travel lock, pop-up trimmer, automatic cleaning

The Panasonic ES-LV67-KARC5 is designed for use by all those with sensitive skins, especially black men. This shaver will help you deal with ingrown hairs which can be quite irritating and painful. With this shaver, you also get a more comfortable time shaving a thick curly beard. Panasonic has included a total of 5 elements which do a thorough job at giving the shaver a clean shave. The 14,000 cuts per minute motor which delivers 70,000 cross-cuts per minute help cut all manner of hairs at incredible speeds which in turn help at ensuring that you don’t get razor bumps.

With a total of 6.4 ounces, this shaver is guaranteed to be a perfect fit for your hand. Its 16-d shaving head further enables you to remove all hairs even those around the nose and on the neck. You can continuously use this electric shaver for 45 minutes after fully charging it for one hour.

Buying the best electric head shaver for black men should no longer be a tedious experience. This waterproof shaver gives you a smooth, even head or chin every time. The manufacturer has used the Advanced Intelligent Shave Sensor which checks beard density 220 times per second. This shave also adjusts power 14 times a second to ensure that you get the best quality shave.

What we liked: One can’t fail to notice that the 5 blades on this shaver and the 70,000 ccpm are great features that help place this shaver ahead of the rest.

What could be better: Though it’s a much better shaver than most, it doesn’t do a perfect job in avoiding ingrown hairs.


Wahl Professional 5 Star Series FinaleBest Professional Electric Shaver

  • Working time: 1.5 hrs
  • Weight: 5.8 oz
  • Shaving elements: 2
  • Guarantee: not specified
  • Charge time: 2 hrs

More features: cleaning brushes included, hypoallergenic gold foil, rotary motor

From the moment you buy the Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Finale, your life will never be the same again. This professional shaver from Wahl offers two highly effective elements that are powered by a powerful motor. It is the best electric shaver and trimmer for black men mainly because it solves all ingrown hairs and razor blade issues. For that ultra-close shave that is bump-free, the Wahl professional shave is your best bet.  The hypoallergenic gold foil further ensures that even the most sensitive of skins get a comfortable, clean shave.

The shaver affords you two elements powered by a rotary motor which operates at 120V/ 60 Hertz. You will enjoy using the shaver for 90 minutes after having charged it for two hours. Weighing only 5.8 ounces, it is easy to see why the shaver fits so ergonomically well in your hand. The design and the shape of the shaver are cool.

Wahl is a worldwide renowned maker of some of the best electric shavers for black men under $1000. The manufacturer has gone a step ahead to include a myriad of accessories that help make the Wahl shaving experience comfortable and safe. Among the additions included are cleaning brushes.

What we liked:  This Wahl shaver is without doubt one of the best shavers under $100. It has a powerful rotary motor that helps the elements deliver quality and clean shave to even those with sensitive skins.

What could be better: The manufacturer should definitely do something about the foil. They only tend to work without damage for a short time.


Philips SweetLFBest with LED Display

  • Working time: 2 hrs
  • Weight: 11.3 oz
  • Shaving elements: 3
  • Guarantee: 15-month limited
  • Charge time: 1 hr

More features: double track, floating heads, pop-up trimmer, 5-level battery indicator, waterproof, USB charging

You should never cringe whenever you think of shaving your beard. The SweetLF 3D Rechargeable IPX7 shaver which comes with 3D floating head delivers impeccable shaving results. It is a machine that will awe you with the comfort and cleanliness of every shave. The 3D floating head rotates 360 degrees and goes very near to the skin hence allowing the shaver to fit every curve of your face or neck. You will also love the ease with which the machine operates using its coolly designed double-track cutter. The shaver captures more hair and clears everything in a single pass hence saving you time and energy.

This SweetLF shaver prides itself on having a multi-high speed motor. This makes it an ideal powerhouse which gives black men clean shaves that are free of razor bumps and ingrown hairs. This powerful motor also means that you won’t experience noise while shaving. It is indeed the best electric shaver for black men with sensitive skin. Your shaving experience is further amplified by the automatic grinding technology and self-sharpening feature, which ensures that no hair ever gets pulled out.

Weighing 11.3 ounces, and having a total of three elements, it is easy to handle while giving you that immaculate shave. It will only take one hour to charge the shaver, and you can use it for two hours continuously.

What makes it special? The shaver comes with a cool LED display and a visible 5-level battery indicator. The IPX7 is fully waterproof and can be used in either dry or wet shaving.

What could be better: Even though it carries a to-die-for price tag, its shaves are not as close as those of a razor or some premium shavers. It also has a tendency to nick where the skin is not tight.


GAMMA+ Absolute ZeroStylish Pick

  • Working time: 2 hrs
  • Weight: 4.6 oz
  • Shaving elements: 2
  • Guarantee: 1-year limited
  • Charge time: 30 min

More features: USB charging, gold titanium foil, pop-up trimmer

Maybe you have been struggling to find that cool shaver that will finally not give you razor bumps and irritate your skin. Many black men know of these problems only too well. The GAMMA+ Absolute Zero shaver has been designed to not only help you forget all about razor bumps and ingrown hairs but also to deliver that clean shave that rejuvenates your confidence.

When you invest in this black colored shaver, you will be required to be charging it for 30 minutes after which you can use it for 2 hours. This makes it one of the rare machines that come with ideal long-lasting batteries. The manufacturer has used two elements on the shaver and also used a pop-up trimmer on the head. This serves to make the head effective at not only capturing more hair in a single pass but do so smoothly. It weighs only 4.6 ounces and this together with its shape make it a convenient travel companion.

Other things that will influence you to like the shaver are hypoallergenic gold titanium foils and the retractable trimmer. The manufacturer has also included a universal micro-USB charger.

What we liked: For the quality of shaves the GAMMA+ Absolute Zero shaver can deliver; the price is jaw-dropping. The very short charging time and the long working time makes this shaver one of the best.

What could be better: To get that clean shave, you will need to make several passes. You might also not be pleased with the cheap plastic look of the shaver. But then, for the price it goes for, most buyers will overlook that.

Things to Consider

Men of different races and ethnicities have to deal with the unpleasant experience of beard shaving. However, black men are more affected than others. In this review, we explore the different electric shavers that are best designed to be used by black men. We have looked at the various features that such a shaver must afford its user. To help you get the best deal, we have gone further and answered several FAQs.

Why electric shavers are perfect for black men?

Every man has to learn to deal with the unpleasantness of shaving their beard, save for a few. Black men, in particular, seem to encounter beard shaving challenges more than other men of other ethnicities.

Black men have curly coarse hair that tends to become ingrown. This leads to razor bumps and skin irritation. A shaver will cut the beard at an angle. The sharp ends of the beard cut such way will get an easier access to penetrating your skin. Of course, the body sees the intruding hairs as foreign objects, and it reacts appropriately. This causes irritation. This irritation is often found on the chin and on the neck.

Why buy an electric shaver?

Given the above challenges that black men have to deal with every waking day, it is important to search for that shaver that will help deal with the challenges. The traditional shaver cuts the hair at an angle, but a good electric shaver will lift the hair and then cut them straight hence reducing the risk of ingrown hair.

Men with sensitive skin will only shave after the skin has healed. This means that the shaver to be used must be able to capture longer hairs growing in different directions. An electric shaver does this job with ease.

Tips for the most comfortable shaving experience

Depending on the tools you are using to shave and the type of your skin, shaving should be a blissful experience. Nevertheless, many people often encounter challenges when shaving. In particular, many black men whose beards are coarse and curly often find themselves not getting comfortable shaving experiences. Here are some helpful tips to help you have the most comfortable shaving experience;

  1. Use an electric shaver. Advantages of using an electric shaver have been highlighted above. With this shaver, you increase the chance of getting a comfortable shave.
  2. The pre-shave routine has to be followed. If you are dry shaving, ensure that the skin is dry and use pre-shave lotion. Of course, your shaver should have an adequate charge.
  3. If you are wet shaving, use lots of hot water to wash your face. When using shaving cream, give it time to react in order to get the best shaving results.
  4. Pick the right shaver for your hair type. We’ve stated above how black men’s hair might react to regular razors.
  5. Make sure you clean and lubricate your shaver. This will serve to keep the shaver blades sharp and also keep away bacteria that can cause skin infections.
  6. Have a spray and a lubricant. This will degrease, clean and remove dirt particles. Spray cleaner helps break down buildups often accumulating in the shaver’s head around the blades and foils. By doing this, you improve the performance of the motor and hence the shaver.
  7. A dull blade will cause more damage than it will do you any good. Replace dull blades.
  8. Finally, your shaving technique determines to a great extent whether you will get a clean comfortable shave or not. Apply the right pressure, use the right shaving angle and your strokes should be of the right length depending on where you are shaving.
  9. It is advisable to go against the direction of hair growth. In some instances, you will need to stretch the skin with your free hand. This helps you cut tricky hairs with ease and also make the lying ones stand upright.

Brand considerations for electric shavers

10 Awesome Electric Shavers for Black Men - No More In-Grown Hair Problem

The quality of a product can only be as good as the trustworthiness of the brand. In picking the right electric shaver, you must consider its brand. After all, you don’t want to experiment with a new and untested shaver on yourself, especially if you have sensitive skin. Some of the reliable shavers in the market today are Braun, Remington and Panasonic. The other reliable brands that are mostly seen in professional barbershops are Phillips, Wahl and GAMMA.

Choose the best electric shaver for black men by these traits

Choosing the best electric shaver for black men should no longer be a tall order. Manufacturers have realized and appreciated the unique challenges that most black men encounter. These challenges have attracted a number of manufacturers which then means buyers have many electric shavers to choose from. Still, you have to be careful when shopping for the best shaver. The following are some of the fundamental traits a good shaver should have;

Check the price

Price is a significant factor to consider when you are buying anything. You don’t want to pay a dear price for something that will break down on the first use. When it comes to picking the right shaver for black men, you will have first to identify the challenges you often encounter and then find a shaver that can deal with these issues appropriately. If the machine is not able to help you deal with the issues, then it is not worth the price it prides itself to carry. There are premium electric shavers such as the Braun Series 9 9291cc whose price tag is more than $300. Then there are those that will cost you as low as $30 such as the Philips SweetLF. You can get a comfortable, clean shave that is close by using a premium shaver or from finding one that goes for less than $100.

Foil or rotary?

When shopping for your electric shaver, bear in mind that it can have a foil or a rotary head. A shaver with a foil head comes with oscillating blades. This means that the blades go back and forth, just like a lawnmower does. This then means that the shaver should be used in straight lines (back and forth strokes). Moving the shaver in a circular motion will cause the blades to pull hairs, and the aftermath is definitely one that you want. Even though foil heads aren’t very good when it comes to facial contours, they are ideal for shaving curly hair. They also give clean, close shaves on cheeks.

As for the rotary shavers, they come with three discs which have razors inside that rotate. These blades are swift, and this makes the shaver ideal for use in circular motions. It then follows that this type of shaver will adapt very well to the shape of your face. It gives a close and clean shave under the nose and chin. Even though quite different, the foil shaver whose performance is often enhanced with micro-vibrations is well suited to shave curly and coarse hair while the rotary shaver is useful for some hair types. Braun and Panasonic are the leading foil shavers while Phillips and some Remington come with rotary heads.

Cutting quality

10 Awesome Electric Shavers for Black Men - No More In-Grown Hair Problem

A shaving machine that gives you a close shave makes you neat and smart when you step out. However, the closeness of the shave can sometimes be compromised to get a more comfortable and healthy skin. It is for this reason that you will find a person preferring to shave every day with a machine that doesn’t shave as a close as a razor, but their skin is no longer full of razor bumps. To improve the quality of shaves, manufacturers include features like micro-vibrations which simply means the amount of hair that can be put in the foil for cutting.

Corded or not?

A majority of the modern electric shavers are rechargeable. You can use these gadgets without a cord. The manufacturers do this to allow you to enjoy more freedom of movement. You will also note that you can’t use the shaver while it’s charging. It would be best if you first charged it and then use it until the battery is low. Even for the shavers that can do wet shaving, the manufacturers ensure that they are cordless to prevent someone from connecting them to the mains while they shave.

Comfortable grip

An electric shaver should not be difficult to operate and maneuver. This will be made possible only by having a good handle and probably the flexibility of the head. Still, a comfortable grip of your shaver is paramount to help you give yourself a clean and smooth shave. Such a grip will also help prevent yourself from nicking the skin. For those tight angles and positions, a shaver that offers a good grip will come in handy.

Do you need a wet shave?

A majority of entry-level electric shavers are meant to dry shave. However, some of the above featured shavers will let you use shaving foam or gel while you are shaving. Some will even allow you to use them in the shower. If you need a wet shave, you must read the user instructions of the shaver carefully as a shaver not designed to be used that way can be damaged or cause injury if made wet.

Noise level

In general, electric shavers with foil heads are a bit noisy than those with a rotary head. This is the noise the machine makes while you are shaving. There is also the noise the shaver makes when it is cleaning. With the advancement in technology and competition, foil shavers can be as quiet as the rotary shavers, almost.


A guarantee or a warranty given by a manufacturer of a product bolsters the public’s confidence not only in the product but also in the brand. Almost all of the electric shavers featured above are backed by some sort of a warranty. Braun, Panasonic and Phillips have backed their shavers with a 2-year warranty. GAMMA has backed theirs with a one-year warranty while Wahl Professional shaver has a limited warranty for products only purchased and used in the USA.


10 Awesome Electric Shavers for Black Men - No More In-Grown Hair Problem

Blades are what makes a shaver effective and efficient. If your shaver has dull blades, your skin will suffer a lot, and you will spend a lot of time shaving. Rotary blades spin when they are cutting while the foil head blades from one end to the other. Check the blades sharpness often to ensure that your shaver is in excellent working condition.

Close shave and sensitive settings

There are times when a close shave should not be the aim when shaving your beard. This is the case especially for many black men who have sensitive skins and whose hair tends to be ingrown and curly. To get the best close shave and without irritating the skin, you will need to invest in a shaver that cuts the hair horizontal to the skin and also reduces the risk of ingrown hairs. In the case of Panasonic Arc4 ES8243AA and the Braun shavers, the foils are designed in such a way as to allow the curly and the flat-lying hairs to be held in place just in time for them to be cut as close to the skin as possible.

Extra features

There are a number of extra features that you might want to consider when picking your electric shaver. Things such as travelling bags, rotation capability of the shaving head and the color are some of the things that you may want to look at before swiping your card. The speed of the motor should also be a factor to consider. Another feature to consider is the ease of cleaning your shaver. You don’t want a shaver that gives you a hard time cleaning which might increase your chance of getting acne and other skin infections.


While every man has their shaving preference, wet shaving has always come out a winner in every instance. For a black man to have that smooth close and pain-free shave, wet shaving which demands the use of warm water is the best route. Warm water causes the hair follicles to swell. In return, you are less likely to create a shard tip when the blade cuts the hair.

Without a doubt, black men have to be choosy when it comes to buying a shaver that will not make their skin irritate. The best electric shaver for black men in particular and those men of other ethnicities with curly hair is that which has a powerful motor and whose blades cut the hairs flat at the head. The above featured shavers are great because they are designed to deal with the challenges black men encounter during and after shaving.

Luckily for black men, the head hair doesn’t pose problems similar to the beard. We can say that the best shaver for your head then should be any of the ones featured above. However, you will note some difference between a premium shaver like the Braun Series 9 9291cc and moderately priced one such as GAMMA+ Absolute Zero. Still, any of the featured shavers should give you a decent head shave.

Our Verdict

Our editor’s choice is the Braun Series 7 7893s shaver. This comes armed with some serious features such as four elements, a skin guard, sonic vibrations and 40,000 cpm speed. With this shaver, you can opt to wet shave or do a dry shave. It is a shave that will give you value for your money.

The second place is taken by the Braun Series 9 9291cc. It is the second-best electric shaver for black men because it affords you five elements, an LED screen, a travel case, a slide-out trimmer and a flexible head. These features serve to ensure that you get the best shaving experience, especially if you are a black man with sensitive skin.

The Panasonic Arc4 ES8243AA is our pick for the best value electric shaver. The shaver is light and comes with four outstanding elements. Besides being backed with a 2-year warranty, this shaver can wet/dry shave and is also waterproof. It is rightly priced, and you won’t have trouble trimming your beard with the flexible head of the shaver.

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