10 Best Low-Flow Toilets – Reduce Water Consumption and Your Bills!

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Are you tired of paying excessive water bills because your toilet uses too much water when it flushes? If you are, then you might be interested in buying one of the best low-flow toilets. In case you didn’t know, low-flow toilets are excellent at conserving water compared to regular toilets. As such, you are going to be using only up to 1.3 gallons per flush, which also means you’ll be saving those precious dollars off of your water bill!

In our review of the best low-flow toilets available on the market right now, we’re taking a close look at a few key features that really stand out for us. This includes toilet type, flush system, bowl, rough-in, dimensions, and warranty. All of these features we think are important to the overall quality of the particular model. So, if you’re looking for a water-saving toilet, read on to find out more!

Top 10 Low-Flow Toilets Review 2022

  • Type: two-piece
  • Flush system: siphonic action dual (1.0 and 1.6 GPF)
  • Bowl: elongated
  • Rough-in: 12”
  • Dimensions: 29.75” x 15” x 29.5”
  • Warranty: 5-year

 More features: chrome plated top mounted push-button actuator, factory-installed bolts and grommets, EverClean surface, pressurized rim

To kick things off with our list of the best low-flow toilet, we are introducing our Editor’s Choice, the American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet. This model is a gold standard for low-flow toilets thanks to its excellent features and affordability.

This two-piece, low-flow toilet calls for optimal water usage per flush with its dual siphonic action flush system. This gives the user two options when flushing: a partial flush (1.0 GPF) and a full flush (1.6 GPF). It has an elongated bowl shape providing more comfort and space for the user. It has a lovely chrome-plated top and mounted push dual push-button actuator to go along with an EverClean surface. It has a rough-in of 12 inches, which is consistent across all low-flow toilets on our list, and we’ll explain in buying guide section what this means.

In terms of dimensions, you can consider the toilet to be more on the average size that should fit in most bathrooms comfortably. The majority of owners love this toilet, but some have said that the flush, which is powerful for a low-flow toilet, could do a better job at the sides of the bowl.

Why did it make our list?

  • Great overall value
  • Dual siphonic action flush system saves water
  • Chrome-plated button
  • EverClean surface
  • Perfect size for all bathrooms

What is not ideal about it?

  • Could do a better job at cleaning the sides with a flush
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Niagara Stealth 0.8 GPF ToiletBest Value

  • Type: two-piece
  • Flush system: single (0.8 GPF)
  • Bowl: elongated
  • Rough-in: 12”
  • Dimensions: 28.875” x 18.75” x 31”
  • Warranty: 15-year

 More features: ADA compliant, floor mount/floor outlet, high seat, allows a second flush quickly

If you’re shopping for a low-flow toilet, and you’re on a budget, you’ll definitely want to consider our Best Value option, the Niagara Stealth 0.8 GPF Toilet. You’ll get the most bang for your buck with this low-flow model.

This is a two-piece toilet that features a single flush system, which only uses 0.8 gallons per flush and allows for a second flush, if needed, quickly after the first one. Next, it has an elongated bowl, which many people love for its comfort. This toilet’s dimensions are quite average at 28.875” x 18.75” x 31”, and it has a rough-in of 12 inches. It does have a bit of a higher seat, so shorter people need to take this into account.

One of the best features of this toilet is its warranty. This Niagara low-flow toilet is covered with an amazing 15-year period. Thus, many people love this excellent value purchase. As for the most frequent complaints, the second flush that we’ve mentioned earlier might be required quite often.

What are our favorite features?

  • Excellent value for budget shoppers
  • Low GPF
  • Allows for second flush quickly
  • Fantastic warranty

What could be better?

  • First flush is not always very effective
  • Higher seat
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  • Type: one-piece, automatic bidet toilet
  • Flush system: Dual-Max 3D Tornado Flush (0.9 and 1.28 GPF)
  • Bowl: elongated
  • Rough-in: 12”
  • Dimensions: 28.62” x 15.37” x 26.93”
  • Warranty: 1-year

 More features: sleek, low profile, soft rear cleanse, front cleanse, five settings for water pressure, wand position adjustment, heat function, self-cleaning wand, auto energy-saving, remote control

On the other end of the spectrum, we have our Premium Pick, the TOTO Washlet G400 Integrated Toilet. It is, by far, the most expensive low-flow toilet on our list, but it comes packed with great features and superb overall quality, which is what TOTO is known for.

This one-piece toilet comes equipped with 5-setting water pressure and an automatic bidet, which is a nice feature to have. It utilizes a dual-max 3D Tornado Flush system that takes up 0.9 and 1.3 GPF, respectively. It has a very sleek design that is accentuated by its downward sloping cover.

Unlike any other toilet on this list, it also comes with a remote control that can be used to use the seat heat function as well as to put the toilet in auto energy-saving mode!

As great in quality this toilet is, a number of taller people have voiced their concerns saying that this toilet was much smaller in size than other models and was generally less comfortable for them to sit on.

What makes it special?

  • Great quality and features
  • Comes with an automatic bidet
  • Dual-max 3D Tornado Flush system uses up little GPF
  • Remote control
  • Auto energy-saving mode

What cons did we find?

  • Small toilet, which is not that convenient for taller people
  • Very expensive
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WoodBridge T-0001 ToiletBest Soft-Close Low-Flow Toilet

  • Type: one-piece
  • Flush system: dual (1.0 and 1.6 GPF)
  • Bowl: elongated
  • Rough-in: 12”
  • Dimensions: 28.5” x 14.5” x 27.5”
  • Warranty: 5 years on porcelain parts, 1 year on flushing mechanism and seat

 More features: soft closing seat, easy-to-clean design, fully glazed flush, comes with pre-installed toilet seat, wax ring, floor bolts, and installation instructions

If you have plenty of kids around the house that use the toilet and often don’t have any regard for its condition by slamming the cover open and shut, then you might want to invest in a model that can withstand some abuse and be fine. With that in mind, we present to you the Best Soft-Close Low-Flow Toilet, the WoodBridge T-0001 Toilet.

This one-piece toilet’s best feature just might be the gentle, soft-closing seat, which means it’ll be pretty hard for your kids to slam open and shut the seat. Besides this great feature, this elongated-shaped toilet uses a dual flush system, taking up 1.0 and 1.6 gallons per flush, respectively. Also, it’s fairly compact in size, measuring out to 28.5” x 14.5” x 27.5”, and can fit in any bathroom. It has one of the most interesting warranty policies, as it has a 5-year coverage on the porcelain parts and 1-year on the flushing mechanism and seat.

Owners love how easy this toilet is to clean and the fact that it comes with a pre-installed seat. What they didn’t like was that, despite receiving the instructions, people still found it quite difficult to install.

What makes it stand out?

  • Soft-close seat great for families
  • Dual flush system
  • Compact in size
  • Good warranty
  • Easy to clean

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Difficult to install

Toto Vespin II ToiletBest Low-Flow Toilet for Tall People

  • Type: two-piece
  • Flush system: Cyclone single (1.28 GPF)
  • Bowl: elongated
  • Rough-in: 12”
  • Dimensions: 30.25” x 16.75” x 22”
  • Warranty: 1-year

 More features: super-durable porcelain, high-profile tank, SanaGloss ceramic glaze, chrome trip lever

If you and your partner happen to be on the taller side and find it a bit uncomfortable sitting on regular sized toilets, you’ll be happy to know that you can even buy a low-flow toilet tailored to your height. To get this, you should check out the Toto Vespin II Toilet.

The seat of this product is slightly more elevated, at almost 17 inches. It’s a two-piece low-flow toilet that uses a single flush system and has an elongated bowl shape, which is great for comfort. If you think that a model for larger people requires more space, that’s not the case with this one as it has a high-profile tank to make its footprint more compact. It’s also known for its super-durable porcelain. But if you find it to break or crack, you can take advantage of the 1-year warranty.

The vast majority of users love this low-flow toilet, but some said that the installation could be a nightmare because of 4 screws needed for the trapway.

What do we love it for?

  • Great for tall people
  • High-profile tank saves space
  • Super-durable porcelain
  • Convenient elongated bowl

What were we disappointed with?

  • Can be quite hard to install

American Standard Cadet 3 ToiletBest Warranty

  • Type: two-piece
  • Flush system: single (1.28 GPF)
  • Bowl: elongated
  • Rough-in: 12”
  • Dimensions: 30.25” x 17.25” x 30.25”
  • Warranty: lifetime limited on chinaware, 5-year on mechanical parts

 More features: ADA compliant, antimicrobial surface, PowerWash rim, oversized 3 inch flush valve with chemical resistant flapper

If you’ve had a bad experience with toilets in the past due to them breaking or just malfunctioning altogether, understandably, you would want to find a low-flow toilet where your investment is better protected. That’s why it doesn’t get much better than with the American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet.

This American Standard low-flow toilet comes with a lifetime limited warranty on the chinaware, which is excellent, as most other companies only offer a few years at best, and also comes with a great 5-year warranty on the mechanical parts. This warranty is great at protecting your investment should anything bad happen to it. Next, it’s a two-piece toilet that uses a single flush system (1.3 GPF) and also has an elongated shape bowl. Its dimensions are also great for any small or large bathroom, as it measures out to roughly 30” x 17” x 30”.

On top of that, it has an antimicrobial surface, which will help to prevent any bacteria from living on the surface. Unfortunately, one of the issues a few people had with this toilet was that they experienced leaks upon installing it.

Why did it make our list?

  • Fantastic warranty
  • Perfect dimensions for both small and large bathrooms
  • Antimicrobial surface
  • PowerWash rim

What is not ideal about it?

  • Challenging to install

TOTO Drake II 1G ToiletBest Flush System

  • Type: two-piece
  • Flush system: Tornado Flush system, single (1.0 GPF)
  • Bowl: elongated
  • Rough-in: 12”
  • Dimensions: 28.5” x 15” x 30”
  • Warranty: 1-year

 More features: smooth CEFIONTECT glaze, hole-free rim design with dual-nozzles, minimizes use of harsh chemicals to clean it, left-hand chrome trip lever

One of the best advancements when it comes to flushing is the creation of the tornado flush. This style of flushing is unique since it does a better job of clearing out all the waste. In our opinion, the TOTO Drake II 1G Toilet has the best flush system. To explain, the tornado flush uses powerful jets from inside the bowl to create a whirlpool effect that is able to clean the entire bowl. This is different from other toilets where the water runs down from the rim.

This TOTO low-flow toilet utilizes a single tornado flush system (1 GPF), and many people love its efficiency because they don’t have to flush twice. Moreover, this toilet comes with an elongated bowl and is small enough to fit in both small and large bathrooms. It’s also known for its smooth CEFIONTECT glaze, which minimizes the use of harsh cleaning chemical products to clean this toilet.

Although most people love this toilet, a few said that they wished the 1-year warranty was longer because some parts became defective right after this period, and somebody even noticed a cracked tank.

What makes it special?

  • Tornado flush cleans everything with a single lever press
  • Has a smooth CEFIONTECT glaze
  • Doesn’t require heavy-duty cleaning products to clean toilet
  • Fits both large and small bathrooms

What cons did we find?

  • Warranty is too short
  • Could be more durable

KOHLER 3989-RA-0 HighlineEasiest to Install

  • Type: two-piece
  • Flush system: Class Five gravity flush (1.1-1.6 GPF)
  • Bowl: elongated
  • Rough-in: 12”
  • Dimensions: 29.75″ x 18″ x 31.25”
  • Warranty: 1-year

 More features: right-hand trip lever, comfort height, standard installation

The KOHLER 3989-RA-0 is a freestanding two-piece toilet that is easy to install and doesn’t require calling a plumber. It can be installed following standard installation process explained by Kohler in the instruction manual.

The Kohler toilet is one of the most traditional products on the market. So it’s simple and easy to set up. It’s a traditional product that offers a good space to be used comfortably, as well as the brand’s design that gives a classic touch to any bathroom where you place it. This toilet offers a stable base and easy installation by including the corresponding fixings with the toilet.

This toilet has a height of 29 inches with a width of 18 inches and a length of 31 inches, being suitable for all types of users. It’s a model with the usual quality of the brand and that is especially recommended for public spaces, due to its high resistance to use. It has a highly efficient flushing technology known as the Class Five Gravity Flush.

This model is one of the cheapest on the market from Kohler. Again, what we liked most is that it is a simple toilet that does not require much skill to assemble it properly. It has robust and resistant ceramic finishes that guarantee stability, durability for a long time, and ease of cleaning. The seat with the lid is not included. So, if you want comfort, you will have to invest a little more.

Why did it make our list?

  • Highly efficient flushing system
  • East to install
  • Comfort Height design
  • Dual flush system

What is not ideal about it?

  • No seat included
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Delta Faucet Haywood White Round-Front ToiletBest Round-Front Model

  • Type: two-piece
  • Flush system: single (1.28 GPF)
  • Bowl: round-front
  • Rough-in: 12”
  • Dimensions: 26″ x 17.5″ x 30.8”
  • Warranty: 5 years on mechanical parts

 More features: slow-close seat with no-slip grips and battery-operated soft glow, ADA compliant, clog-free performance, SplashGuard feature

While many people prefer elongated-shaped bowls for their comfort, it can be impossible to install such model if you have limited space in your bathroom. That is the reason why we’ve included this one of the best and most comfortable round-front bowls here – the Delta Faucet Haywood White Round-Front Toilet.

This two-piece low-flow model uses a single flush system (1.3 GPF) and has a handy slow-closing seat. Another neat feature with this toilet is that it comes with a battery-operated soft glow, which is a nice to have when you need to use the toilet in the middle of the night and don’t want to turn on all the lights. It has a SplashGuard feature, which is very helpful when it’s time to clean the toilet, as it prevents liquids from getting below the tank.

Additionally, it comes with a very good 5-year warranty, but note that this only applies to the mechanical parts of the toilet. Unfortunately, a few people had issues with the flushing. In particular, they say that it usually took multiple flushes to get all the waste down.

What stands out?

  • Comfortable round-front seat
  • Slow-close seat
  • Battery-operated soft glow
  • SplashGuard prevents liquid under the tank

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Usually takes multiple flushes to get waste down

KOHLER Santa Rosa ToiletBest One-Piece Low-Flow Toilet

  • Type: one-piece
  • Flush system: single (1.28 GPF)
  • Bowl: elongated
  • Rough-in: 12”
  • Dimensions: 31” x 20.75” x 29”
  • Warranty: 1-year

 More features: standard left-hand trip lever, comes with Brevia Quiet-Close seat, comfortable height, easy-to-clean design

The KOHLER Santa Rosa Toilet is a one-piece low-flow model that combines the tank and the bowl into a seamless, easy-to-clean design. It uses a single flush system that uses 1.3 GPF. Also, it comes in an elongated bowl shape for better comfort.

Its height is comfortable for all people, and many will love the Brevia Quiet-Close seat. When it comes to flushing, it has an AquaPiston canister that enables the water to flow into the bowl from all sides, which will help to remove all the waste.

As for the drawbacks, many people who prefer the one-piece toilets might come across a few issues. Most notably, people said that the seat was of poor quality, so they had to spend $50+ for a brand new one. Others said it could leak and that they also had to replace the flush valve after a while.

Why are we impressed?

  • Easy-to-clean one-piece design
  • Perfect seat height
  • AquaPiston helps flush all waste out
  • Comfortable elongated bowl

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • The quality of some parts could be better
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Things to Consider

After reviewing the top-rated products, it’s now time to turn our attention to the buying guide section. Here, we’ll cover in more detail all the things that make a great low-flow toilet. If you’re unfamiliar with low-flow toilets, this guide will be particularly helpful for you as you’ll understand much more about the individual features that might seem appealing. All of the information in this section is intended to help you with your buying decision. If you still have questions about low-flow toilets, we’ll hopefully answer them in the FAQ.

Low-flow toilets vs. regular models

Low-flow models are designed for people who stick to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The biggest benefit of purchasing a low-flow toilet is the amount of water it saves. With one of the best low-flow toilets, you can expect to save, on average, roughly five to six gallons per flush for toilet models made before 1982. Let’s say you flush five times per day; then you’re saving 30 gallons of water per day and approximately 11,000 gallons of water per year. That makes for quite the savings on your water bill! The downside to purchasing a low-flow toilet is its price, which is actually higher than a regular, water-wasting toilet.

Low-flow toilets are able to use less water per flush thanks to its outlet, which is located closer to the center of the bowl, which, as opposed to the back of the bowl in regular toilets. This difference means that less water is used to force the waste in the direction of the outlet. If you know all these advantages of saving water and saving up more money from your water bill, it’s hard to find any advantages for a regular toilet.

If you are interested only in the low price of a regular toilet, you can be sure that you will achieve an incredible economy in the long run with water-saving models.

How to find the best low-flow toilet?

While we have presented to you the top 10 models, you may be wondering which one is best for you. To understand which low-flow toilet is the right one, you should decide what parameters and features you’re looking for. Some people prioritize different things when it comes to purchasing one, such as the type of toilet, its flush system, bowl design, rough-in, dimensions, warranty, and of course, its price. All these factors play a role in people’s purchasing decisions, and we’ll cover each factor in greater detail here.

Type of toilet

10 Best Low-Flow Toilets – Reduce Water Consumption and Your Bills!

There are two distinct types of low-flow toilets, and they are the one-piece and the two-piece. The one-piece combines the bowl and the tank in one distinct piece, and the KOHLER Santa Rosa Toilet is a great example here. The two-piece toilet, which is by far the more common type on our list, separates the bowl and the tank into two parts.

In some of the low-flow toilets we examined, you can find extra features, including an automatic bidet. This is the case with our Premium Pick, the TOTO Washlet G400 Integrated Toilet. While it’s not a necessary feature, it’s nice to have for toilets that you pay much more for. Others, like the Delta Faucet Haywood White Round-Front Toilet, even have a battery-operated soft glow, which is a helpful thing to have when you want to use it in the middle of the night but don’t want to turn on the lights.

Flush system

The flush system is an important consideration because there are different types of flushes that can impact the amount of water you will use per flush.

For example, a single flush system means that there is only one option and that all waste is flushed with the same amount of water, which can sometimes be less efficient.

Usually, a single flush for a low-flow toilet only tends to use about 1.3 gallons per flush. Other low-flow toilets, like our Editor’s Choice, the American Standard H2Option, use a dual flush system. What this means is that the person gets to control which type of flush they would like to use. One is a partial flush that uses roughly 1 gallon at a time, and the second is a full flush that uses 1.6 gallons. This is a great way for the user to control the level of water used accordingly to your needs.

Bowl design

The design of the bowl doesn’t really affect the functionality of the low-flow toilet itself, and it just really comes down to personal preference and the amount of space you have. More people have the opinion that elongated-shaped bowls are much more comfortable because there is more space on the seat. Whereas other people find round-shaped bowls, such as seen with the Delta Faucet Haywood, more suitable for smaller bathrooms, this savings in space can be a huge factor. Another factor is that because round-bowls are smaller in size, they also cost less than elongated bowls.


10 Best Low-Flow Toilets – Reduce Water Consumption and Your Bills!

If you take a tape measure and check the distance between the wall and the screws that secure the toilet to the floor (or the center waste outlet), that is what is referred to as the rough-in. Each toilet’s rough-in can be different, but it generally lies between a range of 10 and 14 inches, with 12 inches being the most common one.

On our list of the best low-flow toilets, we see that all of them have a standard rough-in of 12 inches. That is important because if your measurement is one or two inches off, it most likely would mean that you will not be able to install your low-flow toilet.

It’s essential to check that your measurement from the finished wall (not floorboard) to the center waste outlet is exactly the rough-in of the low-flow toilet you purchase.


The dimensions of your low-flow toilet can also be a crucial factor in determining which one to buy. This is because not all bathrooms are of the same size. If you have limited space in your bathroom, you’re obviously going to want to find a low-flow toilet that is smaller in size, such as our Premium Pick, the TOTO Washlet G400 Integrated Toilet, which measures out to 28.62” x 15.37” x 26.93”. However, if you have more than enough space in your bathroom, you can opt for a bigger-sized model, such as the KOHLER Santa Rosa Toilet, which comes out to 31” x 20.75” x 29”.


Because you’re dealing with something that can be complex to install, and the fact that any malfunctions with them can leave you without a toilet to do your business for hours or days, the warranty on some of these is very good.

Take, for example, our Best Value pick, the Niagara Stealth 0.8 GPF Toilet. This one comes with a great warranty, a 15-year plan, which is way better than you can see with other options where manufacturers offer only 1 year. Also, it is common to find plans like with the WoodBridge T-0001 Toilet, where you get a 5-year warranty on the porcelain parts and a 1-year on the flushing mechanism and seat.

On the whole, the warranty policies of these low-flow toilets tend to vary between each product, and it’s important to check it out yourself before purchasing it.


As we mentioned previously, low-flow toilets tend to be priced higher than regular toilets due to the high-efficiency and water-saving technology. However, there are still plenty of low-flow models on our list that have tremendously excellent value, starting with the Niagara Stealth 0.8 GPF Toilet. This one will only set you back about $230, which is definitely a steal when you consider the amount of water you will save along with the money.

If you are willing to spend more to get premium quality, you must check the TOTO Washlet G400 Integrated Toilet, which can be found for a staggering $2,350. While this toilet is more of an outlier on our list, as most of the best low-flow toilets here can be purchased for under $500.


It doesn’t matter how expensive your toilet is, as, at some point in time, you might have to deal with clogs. Fortunately, unclogging a low-flow toilet is not as hard as it may seem. To unclog it, you can use the trusty ol’ plunger. First, simply wait for the rising water level to subside to about halfway before putting in your plunger. Attempting to use the plunger when the bowl is full of water is not going to do anything, and you’ll likely end up splashing water everywhere. Next, when using the plunger, make sure it’s secure with a tight seal when putting it down the drain. Once you have secured a seal, put some force into pressing it up and down while not breaking the seal. Repeating this process for 20-30 seconds should clear up the clog.

Unfortunately, due to high water-saving efficiency, low-flow toilets don’t have the same amount of power in flushing as regular toilets do. Because so little gallons per flush are used in aow-flow toilets, you’re going to get not as forceful water flow. What this means is that oftentimes, it might take two or more flushes to remove everything. Another reason why your flushes may be weak is because of mineral deposits that can stick to the jet hole. These deposits block the water from rushing through to the bowl, and this can often cause a weak flush. Thus, it’s always important to maintain and clean your low-flow toilet regularly.

For the most part, yes, you can change the flush system to help you save up on water and cost. If you have a single flush system toilet, and if you’re more of a handyman, changing your single flush to a dual flush system should be fairly easy and should only take about 15-30 minutes. You’ll need to purchase a dual-flush conversion kit with a proper flush valve. But before doing it, remember to check if your model is suitable for that conversion.

Our Verdict

In our verdict, we present to you our top three choices for the best low-flow toilet.

The first place goes to our Editor’s Choice, the American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet. This two-piece model has the perfect size for any bathroom and a very powerful dual-flush system, while also offering excellent quality at a very affordable price.

For those that want a budget, yet high-quality low-flow toilet, we recommend the Niagara Stealth 0.8 GPF Toilet. It is great because it allows for a second flush quickly and comes with an astonishing 15-year warranty, which will definitely give you the best bang for your buck should anything go wrong with it.

Last up, our Premium Pick, the TOTO Washlet G400 Integrated Toilet, is simply the product that is packed with the most features. This is the only model on our list of the best low-flow toilets that features an automatic bidet. You can also preserve energy with its auto energy-saving mode. Finally, we love TOTO’s patented Tornado Flush that is both powerful and efficient.

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