7 Best Shower Doors for a Stylish Bathroom

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You may think all you need to do to land a good shower door is to look at the size, dimensions, and type. Well, there’s a lot more to that. Remember, shower doors come with different glasses and accessories, and maybe your preference differs from others. Of course, there are some key features you shouldn’t miss looking out for.

Our team reviewed the best shower doors on Amazon. We based the selection on the type, accessories, material, finish, and dimensions, among others. We have different types of shower doors like neo-angle, framed, and frameless. Experts recommend buying the frameless design though they’re more expensive than framed shower doors. You should look for shower doors with tempered glasses when making your selection. They’re safe and reduce the risk of injuries. If your glass breaks accidentally, it will shatter into tiny pieces that will cause little to no harm.

7 Best Shower Doors Review 2022

  • Type: frameless, sliding
  • Size: 56-60” x 76”
  • Walk-in opening: 22” – 26”
  • Material: 3/8 in. (10mm) thick certified clear tempered glass, stainless steel hardware
  • Finish: brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel

Other features: exclusive ClearMax glass coating, reversible, anti-splash threshold

Engineered and designed in the USA, the DreamLine Enigma-X 56-60 in. Sliding Shower Door is built to last using the latest technology.

It comes with a stationary panel and stainless-steel door. It’s frameless for an open, spacious feeling. The large wheel assembly fosters smooth sliding action. This shower door also has a reversible left or right door opening installation.

You’ll get a thick 10mm certified tempered glass with a coating that is water and stain-resistant. The seller says its brushed stainless-steel finish delivers exceptional quality and contemporary styling.

You’ll need at least 2 ¾ in. depth for installation to prevent water spills. You can also trim the stainless-steel bar up to 4 in. for width adjustment.

What we liked: DreamLine Enigma-X 56-60 in. Sliding Shower Door fits several shower spaces. You need an installer, the drilling threshold, and two people to install it well. Overall, it’s a great pick for face-lifting your bathroom.

What could be better: This shower door is not recommended for homeowners with uneven walls. Your glass can explode.

Some buyers also complained the installation instructions were poor.

  • Type: frameless, sliding
  • Size: 56–60” x 74”, plus 5 more size options
  • Walk-in opening: 21 ½” x 25 ½”
  • Material: 3/8” clear tempered glass, 304 stainless steel hardware
  • Finish: stainless steel

Other features: rollerdisk technology, solid brass handle, reversible, Vigo full-length seal strips

VIGO VG6041STCL6074 56–60 in. Shower Door has tempered glass with an added 304 stainless steel hardware for styling bathrooms.

Its shower rolls foster smooth opening and closing while the discrete door handle makes it easy to open the door.

Experts say the roller disk technology makes VIGO VG6041STCL6074 56–60 in. Shower Door adaptable, and you can slide it from the left or the right side.

With VIGO VG6041STCL6074 56–60 in. Shower Door, you’ll get a 4” built-in horizontal adjustability for continuous function even with contractions. There is a 3/8” adjustability for reducing wall shift effects.

What we liked: You’ll love how IGO VG6041STCL6074 56–60 in. Shower Door is sturdy and stylish. Its stainless-steel construction door is resistant to rust, chip, and scratches. The door handle is made from durable solid brass. This shower door also has steel strips that curb leaking.

What could be better: We noticed its rails are low. Most customers also complained that the installation process was hell, and the door was heavy. IGO VG6041STCL6074 56–60 in. Shower Door rollers and bars need some tweaks.

  • Type: frameless, hinged
  • Size: 45” x 72”
  • Walk-in opening: 27” (in a 48” opening), 39” (in a 60” opening)
  • Material: 5/16” clear tempered glass
  • Finish: brushed nickel, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, satin black

Other features: anodized aluminum U-channel, reversible, convenient towel bar handle

DreamLine Aqua Ultra 45 in. Frameless Hinged Shower Door has an 8 mm thick tempered glass that is curved and frameless with a European flair and a chrome hardware finish.

Its 48” opening is elegant, inviting feeling ideal for small bathrooms. You can also use this shower door for bathrooms that need a swing door and a stationary panel where sliding doors can’t work.

Though the shower base is sold separately, DreamLine Aqua Ultra 45 in. Frameless Hinged Shower Door matches any DreamLine SlimLine shower base with 48” W or larger.

The manufacturer confirms it offers reversible installation. You can do a right or left wall installation, and they recommend professional installation.

What we liked: DreamLine Aqua Ultra 45 in. Frameless Hinged Shower has a finished door that looks awesome and inviting. The hinges hold the door well. We feel it’s a good alternative to sliding shower doors.

What could be better: Some buyers said the rails were missing. Others claim the door is too heavy for the brackets and the glasses aren’t strong enough. Its stationary panel needs a support arm for added stability.

  • Type: double-sliding, frameless
  • Size: 56–60” x 76”
  • Walk-in opening: 24” – 28”
  • Material: anodized aluminum, 5/16” clear tempered glass
  • Finish: chrome, brushed nickel

Other features: ClearMax protective anti-lime scale glass coating, limited lifetime manufacturer warranty

Weighing 127 lbs, DreamLine Essence 56 – 60 in. Frameless Sliding Tub Door has a frameless aluminum design with captivating silhouettes.

It comes with 8 mm thick ANSI certified clear glass with an anti-lime glass coating for designing your dream shower space. The best part is that it fits in almost every shower space.

Its Clearmax technology prevents stains and harsh build-up on your glass, and the rollers glide smoothly.

Like most shower doors, the water guard offers 1/4” allowance for uneven walls. There is a 2 ¾” minimum threshold depth, and you can also trim the top and bottom rails up to 4 inches and adjust the width.

What we liked: Most customers say the doors move smoothly. Its thick glass matches the price.

Overall, this shower door is great for transitional style bathrooms (partly modern and traditional).

What could be better: DreamLine Essence 56 – 60 in. Frameless Sliding Tub Door has a poor guide.

It’s daunting to install, so experts recommend professional installation only, a letdown for people who prefer DIY installation. The rollers seem weak.


ELEGANT Showers 58.5-60 in. Shower DoorBest Semi-Frameless Construction

  • Type: semiframeless, sliding
  • Size: 58.5-60″ x 72″, 54” x 72”, 48” x 72”
  • Walk-in opening: 30 2/5”, 27 2/5”, 24 2/5”
  • Material: ¼” clear tempered glass, aluminum hardware
  • Finish: chrome, brushed nickel

Other features: exterior door handle, built-in copper rollers, full-length clear vinyl seal strips

ELEGANT Showers 58.5-60 in. Shower Door comes with a complete kit with the handle, track, and rollers.

It has a 6 mm clear tempered glass that is ANSI Z97.1 certified. It’s safe and easy to clean. It offers a 58.5 to 60-inch width adjustment. The showers doors have a 1.5” width adjustment.

Experts note that this shower door comes with a semi-frameless construction designed from durable materials that are rust and corrosion-resistant. Its copper rolls glide quietly and smoothly.

The exterior handle is manufactured from scratch-resistant stainless steel. It’s smooth, polished, and well-positioned for easy opening and closing. You can use it to hang your clothes and towels.

What we liked: This shower door has an elegant, well-polished panel that makes bathrooms look modern. It looks and works nice and offers ample shower space. We feel it’s good for homeowners seeking to remodel their bathroom setting.

What could be better: Some buyers complain ELEGANT Showers 58.5-60 in. Shower Door is cheaply designed. The frame is sturdy though the glass is prone to break after some months.


Sunny Shower 60 in. Shower DoorEasy-to-Clean Pick

  • Type: frameless, 2-way sliding
  • Size: 60” x 72”, 60” x 57.4”, 54” x 72”
  • Walk-in opening: 30 2/5”, 28 3/8”, 27 2/5”
  • Material: ¼” clear tempered glass, aluminum
  • Finish: brushed nickel, chrome

Other features: reversible, certified by ANSI, easy-to-clean bottom rack

Sunny Shower 60 in. Shower Door has a brushed nickel finish for styling your bathroom.

It comes with a 56 to 60” width adjustment and fits most 60” shower bases though you’ll buy the base separately. You will need a good cutting tool to work on the aluminum frame.

Sunny Shower 60 in. Shower Door has two wall channels, a towel bar, and knobs, two bypass doors, an installation guide, and accessories. Its mounting hardware goes up easily and works well, but you can only mount it on a fiberglass tub with strong mounting planes.

Experts confirm that Sunny Shower 60 in. Shower Door is ANSI certified and looks professional. Others say it’s well-built and attractive. Few customers also claimed this shower door is simple, functional, and looks good.

What we liked: Unless you know how to drill tile well, you’ll have to hire someone to install it. Most customers were impressed with this shower door. Sunny Shower 60 in. Shower Door bottom track is also easy to clean.

What could be better: Some users complained that Sunny Shower 60 in. Shower Door is heavy, and the glass is brittle. Others feel the instructions need improvement. The manufacturer should add some text to support the images.


Mecor 3041 55 in. Shower DoorBest Value

  • Type: frameless, hinged
  • Size: 55” x 39”
  • Walk-in opening: n/a
  • Material: ¼” tempered glass, aluminum, stainless steel
  • Finish: chrome

Other features: 180-degree pivot radius, towel bar, rubber strip design

With high-quality glass, the Mecor 3041 55 in. Shower Door offers a fresh, unique look with a frameless curved design.

Its door width and height are 39” and 55” respectively. The stationary panel requires 12.3 inches.

You will get a swing door, shower screen seal, a towel bar, and a convenient handle for you to place your towel or exit your shower.

You can install Mecor 3041 55 in. Shower Door on the left or right side of your bathroom.

What we liked: Mecor 3041 55 in. Shower Door is good for super-small bathrooms. Some buyers feel it’s a high-quality shower door for a good price. Experts say it’s sturdy, affordable, and the glass can last for years.

What could do better: Mecor 3041 55 in. Shower Door upper hinge is made of plastic that is prone to breaking. Some people complained the included instructions are lousy.

One user also added that the included hardware for installation like the screws doesn’t seem to blend with this machine. You’ll have to make minor modifications.

What cons did we find?

  • Upper hinge prone to break
  • Unclear installation instructions.

Things to Consider

Selecting an excellent shower door is essential, whether you want to style or renovate your bathroom.
Shower doors boost your bathroom’s aesthetic and come in handy for homeowners who hate water splashing all over while bathing.
Yes, you’ll find lots of awesome shower doors in the market, but how will you pick a good one that will last long and match your bathroom decor? That’s pretty tough though very possible
Unless you get the right measurements, it’s almost impossible to know if a model will match your bathroom’s dimensions.
In this guide, we’ll cover why you should invest in a top-notch shower door, and the features to consider when making a selection.

Why is it worth investing in a high-quality shower door?

7 Best Shower Doors for a Stylish Bathroom

The environment you bathe in affects your mood. If it looks gloomy or disgusting, chances are you’ll shy away from spending more time in your bathroom.

We have countless reasons to get the right shower door for your home. First, they are a great alternative to shower curtains that are floppy and mess up with your shower vibe.

Shower doors also give you a reason to shower every day due to their stylish nature that boosts your home’s value. You will also curb water from splashing in the surrounding areas.

Experts add that shower doors allow more light to penetrate your bathroom to prevent algae and other bacterial growths that can make your bathroom look ugly. The best part is, with shower doors, you can show off your tiles to your guests.

Features to consider when buying the best shower door

It’s true; selecting a good shower door is not easy. One mistake, and you land a model with weird dimensions that don’t match your bathroom.

The reality is, you’ll never find a one size fits all shower door for your home. They all come with unique features that blend with the needs of different homeowners.

Maybe you prefer a compact or spacious shower door. We also have shower grab doors with multiple accessories while others don’t come with any.

To land a great model, you can look into many features during your selection process, but we will focus on the major ones like the type, glass, hardware material, finish, dimensions, etc.


There are several shower doors, and the perfect type for your home depends on your preferences, whether you love framed, frameless, neo-angle.

Framed shower doors come with frames designed from metal that blend with several bathroom faucets. Experts say they are relatively cheap.

Frameless shower doors like DreamLine Enigma-X 56-60 in. Sliding Shower Door, and VIGO VG6041STCL6074 56–60 in. Shower Door is sleeker than the framed models.

They have a thick glass that compensates for the lack of frame. We noted that frameless shower doors are easier to clean since soap, minerals, and other materials can’t accumulate on their surfaces, though expect to spend more on them.

If you pick a shower door with a neo-angle, you’ll have to fix your door in the corner of your bathroom. They have one type of doors only.


Your glass is a key factor to consider when selecting the shower door for your home.

You can pick several types of glasses, but experts recommend opting for models with tempered glass like DreamLine Enigma-X 56-60 in. Sliding Shower Door and DreamLine Aqua Ultra 45 in. Frameless Hinged Shower Door.

Unlike ordinary glass, tempered glass is resistant to stains, scratch, and corrosions. The best part is tempered glass is very safe. Say you accidentally hit the glass and it broke, the glasses will break down into tiny pieces that can cause little to no injury.

We also have multiple glass designs and colors from patterns, frosted, seedling, clear, etc. If you pick a pattern, ensure it blends with the style of your bathroom and the tiles.

It’s worth it to buy a shower door with frosted glass to enjoy your privacy when showering.

Hardware materials and finish

Most frameless shower doors come with top-notch hardware. You will also get other add-ons like waterproofing technology, among others.

You should pick a shower door with aluminum or stainless-steel hardware like DreamLine Essence 56 – 60 in. Frameless Sliding Tub Door. This includes everything from the bracket supports, hinges, slide assembly pull handles, and the hinges.

There are several types of hardware finish. You can go with brushed stainless steel, oil rubberized Bronze finish, or polished chrome. Some picks like DreamLine Aqua Ultra 45 in. Frameless Hinged Shower Door has a chrome hardware finish.

Regardless of the hardware material and finish you pick, ensure that it matches your bathroom’s design. It’s embarrassing if your faucets don’t fit with your shower head.


Always get the measurements of your bathroom after you’ve finished decorating it and laying all the tiles.

If you do the opposite, you’ll get a huge difference that affects the bathroom door’s size that will fit in your home. And the worst part is you’ll inconvenience yourself.

7 Best Shower Doors for a Stylish Bathroom

However, we have models like ELEGANT Showers 58.5-60 in. Shower Door that has a width adjustment that accommodates uneven walls. Experts recommend using a plumb bob and confirm if your wall is straight. If they’re not, then pick the shower door with the adjustable width. Well, the width allowance varies according to different brands.

Water deflector

Everybody hates the process of cleaning the shower areas after enjoying a good bath.

Evading such menaces can be as simple as investing in the right shower door with a water deflector.

The water deflectors block the water splashing on the ground from spreading to the other parts of your bathroom. It diverts the water fast to your shower enclosure.

You can look at our top picks with the anti-splash feature like DreamLine Enigma-X 56-60 in. Sliding Shower Door.

Towel rack

Towels racks come in handy. They’re suitable for hanging your clothes or towels.

Experts also add that towel racks help you enter and exit your shower. You can hold onto them if you slip accidentally to reduce your risk of injuries.

You can check out our shower doors with towel racks like the Mecor 3041 55 in. Shower Door and ELEGANT Showers 58.5-60 in. Shower Door. It’s even better if your shower door comes with two shower racks.


It’s not mandatory to buy a reversible shower door. However, you can use it to boost your home’s aesthetics and curb water from splashing all over your bathroom.

Though glass thickness varies, you should look for glass doors with ⅜ inches.

Our Verdict

Whether you want to give your bathroom a fresh look or boost its aesthetic, choosing a good shower door is mandatory. It’s the first thing that will grab you and your guest attention when you enter your bathroom section. You’ve seen that choosing the right one isn’t as hard as it seems. Go through the guide and select the one that matches your needs.

Our first pick is DreamLine Enigma-X 56-60 in. Sliding Shower Door that fits into several shower spaces. This door has a frameless open design that will give you a spacious feeling every time you’re enjoying your bath.

VIGO VG6041STCL6074 56–60 in. Shower Door is our second pick. It opens and closes smoothly and comes with the reversible right or left opening. It’s made of stainless steel and most of its accessories are awesome.

We also loved DreamLine Aqua Ultra 45 in. Frameless Hinged Shower Door with an 8 mm tempered glass. Experts say that its hinges hold well and they think it’s a great alternative to sliding shower doors.

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