Chair Height vs Standard Height Toilet: What’s the Difference

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Last updated: August 21, 2023
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Purchasing a toilet may seem like one of the most straightforward things to do.

However, there are a couple of factors you ought to consider when purchasing one. Take time and know the details in selecting the best toilet seats to find the best in the market.

Buying a toilet is not rocket science. Factors such as the design and the height matter in the long run.

You will want to purchase a toilet seat that matches your preference. Also, keep in mind that bathroom posture Trusted Source How bathroom posture affects your health. Shortly before Christmas in 1978, the leader of the free world came down with a severe case of hemorrhoids. The pain was so bad that President Carter… affects your health. Therefore, inspect all the elements involved before digging down in your pockets.

Toilet heights are one of the most vital elements to consider. To be specific, there are two comparisons when it comes to the best heights in toilets: chair height vs. standard height toilet.

This piece will help you understand the common difference between the two to enhance your decision-making when looking for the right heights.

Standard Height Toilet

Chair Height vs Standard Height Toilet: What's the Difference

Several buyers prefer standard height toilets since they are the most common models around.

Standard height toilets are regular toilets that have been there since the beginning of in-house toilet designs.

One important factor to note is that these toilets are preferred as they are comfortable for kids and short adults: kids can play around with their feet while short adults find the most comfortable position in these toilets.

Your choice to settle for standard height toilets will ultimately depend on your preference.

What Is It?

Standard height toilets are toilets with a height between fourteen to sixteen inches from the floor to the toilet bowl.

Most standard height toilets are fifteen inches from the toilet seat. As earlier mentioned, these toilets are comfortable for a selected group of people who prefer short toilet seats. However, both tall and short adults can use the toilet without any difficulties.

This type of toilet seat is preferable if you have several children in your home. It is essential to accommodate the needs of every person. Standard height toilets are, therefore, well suited for ordinary homes.

According to experts in the toilet market, the best type of standard height toilets is the American Standard 288DA114.020. The toilet is preferred because of its high efficiency and water sense certification. It is also equipped with a siphon jet bowl technology and has an ever-clean surface.


Standard height toilets are preferred due to their advantages over other toilet designs.

You should have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of toilets first.

These are the pros of standard height seats.

  • The toilet is better for short people. Other toilet seats are either high or not well designed to cater to shorter than average people.
  • It is the best for young children. You might consider purchasing this type of toilet if you are starting a family.
  • The toilet offers a natural position. This factor is vital in preventing constipation. Thus, the toilet is recommended for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • The toilet seats are light and can fit into tight spots.


This toilet design comes with disadvantages too.

Though they are pretty good at satisfying young families’ needs, they come with cons that you should look into first before making any purchase.

  • Most standard height toilets are not compliant with ADA requirements. Should you prefer to have toilets that adhere to these requirements, this is not the correct toilet type.
  • Standard height toilets are uncomfortable for tall people. Most tall people complain of discomfort when using these toilets. They do not offer the proper height to fit taller than average heights.
  • You might need to raise the toilet seat. This is quite a hassle considering that you have already gone out of your way to purchase one. Families with tall people have to raise their seats to fit the required level.
  • Not suitable for the elderly. Older people find this toilet design uncomfortable to use.

Chair/ Comfort Height Toilet

Chair Height vs Standard Height Toilet: What's the Difference

Comfort height toilets have the best designs for comfort.

These are the new generation toilets and popular in homes with tall users.

Furthermore, those who prefer enhanced comfort in their bathrooms consider this type of toilet. It is pretty easy to confuse the different height names presented in the toilet market.

Hence, you might find names like universal height toilets or comfortable toilets. They mean the same thing.

You can also come across ADA height or the right height. These are still comfort height toilets. The names are just different brandings manufacturers use.

Comfort height toilets are the American standard toilets; their installation is mandatory in areas with ADA users.

What Is It?

Comfort height toilets lie between seventeen and nineteen inches from the toilet floor to the seat.

Notably, they are around three inches taller than ordinary toilets. In some cases, the toilet height might be made shorter; this is normally done to enhance user comfort.

Comfort height toilets reduce straining when you sit.

According to most reviews on Amazon, the best type of chair/comfort height toilet is the TOTO CST454CEFG Drake. The toilet is preferable because of its power and wideness. It also comes with a double clone and a tank.


Comfort height toilets have several benefits that make them unique.

Here are the advantages of having these toilets:

  • Convenient for people who cannot move regularly. This type of toilet is ideal for those unable to move around freely, for example, the physically challenged.
  • It allows easy sitting and standing. The height of the toilets provides user flexibility.
  • There is no need for a toilet raiser.
  • The best toilet design for tall people. Homes with tall family members prefer this toilet design.
  • Seniors prefer these types of toilets for their comfort.


Comfort height toilets also have their own sets of disadvantages.

  • The designs are not friendly to kids. Children prefer standard height toilets where they can easily dangle their feet around. Comfort height toilets do not offer this experience.
  • The design is too high for short people. Shorter than average people rarely purchase this product.
  • Comfort height toilets are unable to fit tight spots. They are not flexible enough to accommodate small areas.
  • The toilets are heavy. Replacing or moving them to another location might be tiresome.

Standard Height vs. Comfort Height Toilet: Comparison

Both standard height and comfort height toilets are preferred for a variety of reasons.

When comparing standard vs. chair height toilets, users look into the most vital factors that offer the best experience.

Standard height toilets have advantages that comfort height toilets do not have and vice versa.

Therefore, when inspecting standard height vs. chair height toilets, you should focus on the tiniest of details.

The ultimate goal is to know which types of toilets are suitable for different environments.

The common elements you might consider are ease of use, appearance, the ability to solve constipation issues, and pricing.

Ease of Use

Chair Height vs Standard Height Toilet: What's the Difference

You should first test out the designs to find the best toilet. It may sound awkward, but that is it. Sit on the toilets and rest your feet on the floor.

Notably, those with difficulty standing will find a comfort height toilet easy to use. Their length is excellent for tall people.

Short people may also use them but will experience the ultimate comfort these designs are meant to deliver. The elderly mostly prefer comfort height toilets.

On the other hand, standard height toilets are preferred by children and shorter people. Children can easily get on top of the toilet seats. Remember, dangling the feet for long without touching the ground can result in muscle strains.


The appearance is another vital factor when comparing toilet standard height vs. chair height.

The designs come in multiple styles and colors. It is vital to note that the most common color type available in the market is white. Beige is also common and preferred for resale value. Experts say the choices are normally between one or two-piece designs.

The two-piece designs are more affordable and offer a traditional outlook. The one-piece design is also advantageous because it is easy to clean, and the design is sleeker. The height also varies, especially in the inner mechanisms. The designs either come with a traditional gravity flush or might be pressure-assisted.

Solving Constipation Issues

The standard height toilet is best suited for people with constipation problems. Standard seats are convenient in disposing of the bowel completely. This is because bowel movements are seamless when in a squat position or the hips are below the knee height.

The position of the rectum is optimum for improved defecation. Furthermore, those who use standard height toilets are less likely to contract hemorrhoids. For comfort height seats, one will need a step stool to mimic the position.


The prices for toilet seat ranges.

Most comfort height models go for $150 to $300, while standard height models cost $225 to $380.

However, you can still find toilets for less than $100. The best comfort height toilet, the Toto ranges from a price of $256 to $287.

Comfort height toilets with elongated bowls cost approximately $170. Additionally, most toilet seats are installed for approximately $165.

Final Thoughts

Standard height and comfort eight toilets have unique features.

Among the first things you ought to know when making purchases are the pros and cons of each design. Hence, be sure to go through them when comparing the two.

Standard height toilets are suitable for small children and shorter adults. Notably, they are shorter than comfort height toilets are preferred by those with constipation issues.

On the other hand, comfort height toilets are suitable for tall people and offer the comfort necessary for old individuals. The ease of use, appearance, and pricing are other vital elements that you must consider when buying the products.

Another important factor to always consider is to mind the primary users of the toilets when purchasing. You should find the most suitable that will be liked by everyone in your home.


 How bathroom posture affects your health.
Shortly before Christmas in 1978, the leader of the free world came down with a severe case of hemorrhoids. The pain was so bad that President Carter…
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