8 Most Effective Water Flossers for Braces to Make Your Oral Care Routine a Breeze

From countertop to cordless models, we picked top-rater water flossers that proved to be most effective for braces.
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Braces are excellent inventions, aren’t they? However, if you have braces, there is a larger area for bacteria to grow and affect your oral health. Thankfully, the best water flossers for braces will help you to get rid of any food particles effortlessly and quickly.

In this post, we have reviewed 8 of the best water flossers that you can buy right now. These come from different manufacturers and offer several benefits. In choosing these flossers, some of the factors that we reviewed include type – corded or cordless; capacity and runtime; settings and tips included. We will review each of these in detail later in the buying guide. For now, let us consider the eight best picks.

Top 8 Water Flossers for Braces Review 2022


Waterpik Aquarius WP-662Editor’s Choice

  • Type: corded
  • Reservoir: 22 oz.
  • Capacity: 90 sec.
  • Pressure settings: 10
  • Size: 4.7 x 3.8 x 10.35 in
  • Warranty: 3 years

More features: 1-minute timer with 30-second pacer; can be used with mouthwash; LED information panel; 2 modes; several color options

Is the Waterpik Aquarius WP-662 the best water flosser for braces? Well, many of the users believe that it is. It is an excellent unit that offers straightforward performance and will help to maintain your oral hygiene. It is currently one of the most popular water flossers on the market at the moment.

There are several features that make it such a good option. for one, it is designed as a durable model that will last for several years. It comes with a large water tank. This tank’s size means that you don’t have to constantly refill the flosser during use. With a 650 ml capacity, it is one of the larger options on this list.

Apart from that, it comes with two useful modes. The massage mode and flossing mode are very useful. In the massage mode, the water gently brushes against your gums and you will likely enjoy how it feels in the mouth.

This model is also made with accessories included in the package. Extra tips always come in useful, which is why we are pleased that it comes with up to 7 tips. This makes for a versatile flosser that allows you to share with others. There is a tip storage where you can keep up to 2 tips at a time.

Since people have different gum sensitivities, it is cool that the model has up to ten pressure settings. You can get different water pressures that will allow you to get the right level of sensitivity.

What makes it stand out?

This is the top pick and it comes with extra features and modes. It allows you to really determine the type of flossing that you want and choose the sensitivity.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

The bulky size makes it a bit unwieldy. It also is rather loud.

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  • Type: corded
  • Reservoir: 27 oz.
  • Capacity: 150 sec.
  • Pressure settings: 5
  • Size: 8.4 x 6.5 x 10.2 in
  • Warranty: 2 years

More features: 12 multi-functional tips; 5 to 110 PSI; noise-reduction design; IPX7 waterproof; 1200 pulses/minute; 360° tip rotation

Where the Waterpik above is rather loud, this model is one of the quietest options on this list. The H2ofloss brand is a rising brand that has produced some of the best bathroom appliances in the last decade. It is not surprising, therefore, that they have their flosser as one of the best water flossers for braces.

The core features of this flosser really stand out and make it a great pick. First of all, as we have mentioned, this is a silent appliance. It is an excellent option that produces just around 50 decibels of sound. This is really quiet and lets you to do your flossing even if others are asleep.

Another notable feature is the size of the reservoir. With a 27 ounces reservoir, this offers you far more water than your average water flosser. You can conveniently use this flosser, taking your time as you remove all the bacteria in the mouth. The downside of this reservoir is obviously the bigger and bulkier size of the model.

It offers a good pressure range as well, ranging from 5 psi to up to 110 psi. While there are just 6 settings to choose from, you likely will still find the flosser handy. Interestingly, the flosser has up to a dozen tips.

Overall, this is an excellent flosser. The price makes it really attractive as it is cheaper than a lot of others but still offers comparable or even better performance.

What are its best features?

This water flosser offers excellent value for the price. While it is cheaper than several others, the performance is nearly unmatched.

What could be improved?

It has only 6 pressure settings and comes in a large, bulky size.


Waterpik Cordless Advanced WP-562Best Cordless Water Flosser

  • Type: cordless
  • Reservoir: 7 oz.
  • Capacity: 45 sec.
  • Pressure settings: 3
  • Size: 3.1 x 5.1 x 9.1 in
  • Warranty: 2 years

More features: 45 to 75 PSI; LED battery indicator; rechargeable battery; 4 accessory tips; 360° tip rotation; several color options

Not only is the WP-562 the best cordless water flosser that we have come across, it is one of the best water flossers ever. It comes with several advantages and features that make it the best in its category. It comes with several features including a decently sized tank, good pressure settings, a lovely design, and the ability to charge quickly.

The WP-562 is an handheld option that is comprised of a pump and the water reservoir. The reservoir has the water and the pump is what will transfer the water up to you. The jet of water is strong and it will help to remove the plaque and bacteria promptly.

It is an attractive model that is available in white, blue, and black. The US versions even have purple and rose gold variants.

Right out of the box, you get the feeling that this is a water flosser that you will enjoy using. It is designed in a compact form, and the 210 ml water reservoir does not take up a lot of space. It feels really comfortable to hold as well.

As a cordless option, battery life is important to consider. Well, this unit is really quick to charge. However, the downside is that it doesn’t last for long. You get only a week of use.

Why did it make our list?

This is a compact, cordless model that is the best of its kind. It is ergonomic, durable, and quick to charge.

What is not ideal about it?

As a cordless option, the battery life certainly could be better.

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iTeknic Water FlosserBest Capacity

  • Type: corded
  • Reservoir: 20.3 oz.
  • Capacity: 180 sec.
  • Pressure settings: 10
  • Size: 6.3 x 4.6 x 8.1 in
  • Warranty: 1 year

More features: 1250-1700 pulses/min; up to 125 PSI pressure; 7 jet tips; 360° tip rotation

If you desire a teeth-cleaning solution for all the members of your family, then the water capacity, as well as the other features of the iTeknic Water Flosser will make it one of the best models that you can decide to use.

This unit is available at a good price and comes with several features that make for an excellent pick. Right out of the box, it comes with up to seven cleaning tips. Therefore you can use this with other people. Some of the tips that are included in the package are a plaque tip, three jet tips, a periodontal tip, orthodontic tic, and a tongue cleaner. All of these combine to make your oral hygiene excellent even if you wear braces.

Apart from that, you also have up to 10 water pressure options here. With these, you can set the settings to what you like. It offers a wider range of options than several of the other models on the market right now.

The handle of the model is ergonomic and easy to hold. It is fitted with a button that controls the flow of water and is connected to the reservoir via a durable and long hose.

Why did it make our list?

This model comes with a 600 ml capacity which is one of the bigger options. It is designed for comfort and allows you to clean easily.

What is not ideal about it?

One thing that many users complained about is the need to reset the pressure on all occasions that you use the flosser.


Waterpik Nano Plus WP-320Best Space Saving Reservoir

  • Type: corded
  • Reservoir: 15 oz.
  • Capacity: 60 sec.
  • Pressure settings: 5
  • Size: 5 x 4.5 x 8.5 in
  • Warranty: 2 years

More features: 10 to 80 PSI; on/off water control on handle; 4 tips included; 1400 water pulses per minute; small and portable design

The Waterpik brand has made a name as one of the more reliable makers of bathroom appliances, and the Waterpik Nano Plus WP-320 is a good testament to the quality of this brands’ products. The maker has made some really affordable models that work, and we are pleased that this particular product does not disappoint.

This unit does not just work as a flosser and toothbrush, but it also is versatile enough for other purposes. You can use it as a toothbrush, a flosser, or a combination of the two. The specifications show that it is a relatively simple model, but you can rest assured that you will get plenty of value for your money.

As the name implies, the Waterpik Nano comes in a compact, portable form factor that ensures that it doesn’t take up much space on the counter. If your bathroom is small, then you will certainly have a good time using this option.

As a smaller model, it does not come with the several tips that you find in other options. Instead, this option has just four tips. The water pressure range is nice for those that have sensitive gums.

What makes it stand out?

This water flosser comes in a compact form and smaller capacity that makes it easy for those that have limited space.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

The design is not appealing. It is more of a utility product and does away with the bells and whistles.


BESTOPE Water FlosserBest Accessories

  • Type: cordless
  • Reservoir: 10 oz.
  • Capacity: 80 sec.
  • Pressure settings: 5
  • Size: 9.84 x 4.33 x 3.54 in
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: 7 jet nozzles and 2 toothbrush heads; 360° tip rotation; 2500mAh rechargeable Li battery lasts for up to 30 days; IPX7 waterproof; low-noise design; LED indicator

If you are looking to get rid of stains on your teeth and bacteria, then you will be better served by the BESTOPE Water Flosser. This unit is one of the best water flossers on the market. It comes with eight tips that make it a versatile option to use. If you are planning to buy a water flosser for the first time, then this model is excellent for you. It is designed to be really easy to use and is great for beginners.

If you don’t like using cordless water flossers because of the frequent charging, you can rest assured that you won’t face that problem with this model. When fully charged, this unit can last for up to a month. It is an excellent pick that many users highly recommend.

Included in the package, apart from the tips, is a storage bag. This makes it easier to take along with you. It is a special option that is made for periodontitis. One reason why it is so good at this is that ability to floss all corners of your mouth, especially those parts that are unreachable for your tooth brush.

The unit is fitted with a gravity ball that allows you to floss at odd angles.

Why are we impressed?

With a 10 oz. capacity, this model is designed to help with periodontitis and remove the bacteria and plaque from the hard to reach spots in your mouth.

What negatives must you be aware of?

Several users have said that the power is inconsistent and might fluctuate.

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Waterpik Sonic Fusion SF-02Best 2-in1 Pick

  • Type: corded
  • Reservoir: 14 oz.
  • Capacity: 60 sec.
  • Pressure settings: 10
  • Size: 5.5 x 5.2 x 10.9 in
  • Warranty: 3 years

More features: combo of water flosser and rechargeable sonic toothbrush with 3 modes; LED indicator

Are you looking for a 2-in-1 option? If so, then the Waterpik Sonic-Fusion is going to meet your needs. It packs the convenience of a toothbrush and flosser in one piece.

Just looking at the model, you would be forgiven for thinking that it was no more than a regular toothbrush. However, closer examination would reveal that it is more than that. It comes with a hose that can be detached and is used to transfer water. The brush itself comes with a trio of modes, depending on whether you want to brush or floss.

It is a corded option and you have to connect it to electricity before you can start using it for flossing. You can use it cordless for brushing.

It is pretty easy to use and comes with a built-in timer and up to 10 pressure settings.

Why are we impressed?

This is a combination of a water flosser and a toothbrush. It is easy to use, has a timer, and up to ten pressure settings.

What negatives must you be aware of?

The battery life is pretty poor and it comes at an expensive price.

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  • Type: corded
  • Reservoir: 20.3 oz.
  • Capacity: not specified
  • Pressure settings: 10
  • Size: 5 x 3.3 x 8.3 in
  • Warranty: 2 years

More features: 7 jet tips and 1 toothbrush head; 25-120 PSI; 1700 pulses/minute; on/off switch on handle

The last water flosser that we will consider is one that gives beautiful service and performance to everyone looking for it. Whether you wear braces or not, you will find this water flosser to give you fresh breath and help with a good oral hygiene. It is designed with up to seven tips, which offers a good level of versatility.

Due to this, you can have everyone share the water flosser. Kit also comes as a toothbrush head, a good combination for your oral health.

The flosser has a water pressure adjustment function. You can change the water pressure in the range 30 psi to 125 psi.  There are up to 10 pressure settings here, and these will ensure that you get a very comfortable setting for yourself. With this model, you can rest assured that you will remove a large percentage of the plaque in your mouth.

Additionally, there is a reservoir that can hold up to 600 ml of water at a time. Therefore, you don’t have to constantly refill the flosser.

What makes it stand out?

This is a versatile water flosser with up to 10 pressure settings and a large water capacity.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

The water pressure sometimes proves to be unreliable.

Things to Consider

In the section above, we considered eight of the best water flossers for braces on the market right now. By providing the list of these models and their features, we have narrowed down your choices and this will help you choose which of the options to select. However, you might be looking for something else, and in this buying guide, we will consider some of the most important information about water flossers.

Benefits of Water Flossers

Dental bodies recommend that you clean, not just the teeth, but the areas that lie between the teeth and the gum line. These spots are quite difficult to reach, especially if you are using a toothbrush. Many people do this by using the string dental floss. However, an alternative is the water floss.

In this section, we will consider the benefits of using the water flosser.

  1. Removes hard-to-reach particles

8 Most Effective Water Flossers for Braces to Make Your Oral Care Routine a BreezeThis is one of the major reasons to invest in a water flosser, especially if you use braces. The regular dental floss is made of nylon or some other material which is not textured. Therefore, the material can only try but cannot eliminate all the particles that it touches.

Additionally, it will not work well in closely spaced teeth. With the water flosser, however, you can use a pressurized burst of water to dislodge these particles.

  1. Gentle Cleaning

The water flosser also works gently. Therefore, if you have sensitive gums, you will find the water flosser to be a safe alternative. It will not open wounds or cause bleeding in the mouth. At first, though, this water might cause some bleeding; the gums will get used to it and will not bleed any longer.

  1. Strengthens Gum Tissues

The initial use of a water flosser might cause some slight injury, but after some time, the gums will get used to it. Using the water flosser will help to massage the whole mouth and will promote the flow of blood. This will make your gums healthier.

Features to consider when choosing the best water flosser for braces

When deciding on the water flosser to buy, there are several features that you need to keep in mind. In this section, we consider some of these important factors. These will help you to make the correct buying choice.


The first factor to consider is the type of water flosser. There are several types of water flossers. We will consider them now.


8 Most Effective Water Flossers for Braces to Make Your Oral Care Routine a BreezeThis type of water flosser comes in a large size and is the biggest of the water flossers. They are installed on the countertop and are connected to the mains. They are corded. Example of this is the Waterpik Aquarius WP-662.


As the name implies, this type of water flosser is not connected to the mains and can work without electricity. It is portable and is usually charged via electricity or uses AA batteries. They come in compact, lightweight forms and are excellent for people on the go. The Waterpik WP-562 is the best cordless model that we have come across. With such a model, you don’t have to worry about the tangle of cords and wires.

8 Most Effective Water Flossers for Braces to Make Your Oral Care Routine a BreezePressure Settings

The ability to change the pressure level of the water flosser is very important. With water flossers, you might experience some bleeding the first time that you use the appliance.

Water flossers come with different ranges of pressure. Some have wide ranges while other have smaller ranges.

However, with the ability to adjust the pressure settings, you can determine how powerful the jet of water is.  Some models, like the iTeknic Water Flosser come with up to 10 pressure settings. Others are less versatile and come with a lower number of pressure settings.

Look out for that which you will be the most comfortable with.

Water Capacity

Are you planning to travel with the water flosser? If not, then you will appreciate a model that comes with a large water capacity. A large capacity comes with plenty advantages. For example, it lets you to floss without the need to constantly refill the reservoir.

However, you should not that a larger capacity means that the water flosser will be heavier and more cumbersome to handle. To that end, look for a model with a smaller reservoir.

An example of a water flosser with a large reservoir is the H2ofloss HF-9 Dental Water Flosser. The Waterpik WP-562, on the other hand comes with a very small reservoir.

Battery Life

If the unit that you have decided to buy is a portable option that works with a battery, then you certainly have to keep an eye out on the battery life of the unit. Some are excellent and can last for up to a month despite frequent use. Others are not as good and will only last for around a week. The BESTOPE Water Flosser, for example can last you for up to a month.


8 Most Effective Water Flossers for Braces to Make Your Oral Care Routine a BreezeWhen it comes to the intensity of the model, it is important to note how powerful the stream intensity is. Some folks prefer a high-intensity stream while others prefer something gentler.


If you will be using the water flossing on the go, it is prudent to look for a model that comes in a portable size and design. This is something that you have to look out for. Check out the dimensions of the water flosser and determine whether the size is something that is right for you.


While there are different models, there are things that are common to all water flossers. First, ensure that you fill the reservoir with water before you use it. Secure the base, choose a nozzle and attach it to the handle. Spray it to test out the water pressure. If that is all working fine, then set it to the desired psi level.

There are several types of water flossers on the market. The most portable type is the cordless option. It is often design to be portable and easy to carry around with you.

The first time that you use a water flosser, you should set it on low so that you can get used to the device. Then increase the pressure to the highest pressure that you are comfortable with. The pressure will depend on the model that you choose.

Our Verdict

To care for your oral hygiene and health, you likely need the best water flossers for braces. We have reviewed eight of the best on the market.  The Waterpik Aquarius WP-662 is the top pick and it comes with extra features and modes. It allows you to really determine the type of flossing that you want and choose the sensitivity.  If you want value for money, then H2ofloss HF-9 Dental Water Flosser is for you.  While it is cheaper than several others, the performance is nearly unmatched. The Waterpik WP-562 is a compact, cordless model that is the best of its kind. It is ergonomic, durable, and quick to charge.

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