7 Best Shower Grab Bars for Extra Support and Maneuverability

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The truth is, some grab bars are designed with a sleek, slippery finish. And there’s nothing worse than buying a model that endangers your loved ones’ lives, whether it’s in your bathroom or kitchen. This does not mean that we don’t have great grab bars in the market. You will get a good model if you look into the right features we will discuss in this guide.

Our team selected the seven best shower grab bars on Amazon and based our selection on the type of installation, the size, style, finish, etc. Depending on your needs, you can pick a mounted or suction cup grab bar. You will have to drill holes on your walls if you prefer a mounted grab bar. Suction grab bars stick on walls, and they’re relatively easy to use. You can get shower grab bars with multiple styles and finish like matte black, rose gold, and stainless steel.

Top 7 Shower Grab Bars Review 2022


Moen 8724 Home Bathroom Grab BarEditor’s Choice

  • Size: 24 in.
  • Finish: stainless steel
  • Weight capacity: up to 500 lbs.

Other features: stainless steel construction, concealed screw, limited lifetime warranty

The 24- inch Moen 8724 Home Bathroom Grab Bar comes with two mounting plates with 1.5 inch even spaced slots that cater to all hand sizes. You will also get six two-inch concealed wood screws and three unique covers that offer a seamless look.

Moen 8724 Home Bathroom Grab Bar has a supportive stainless-steel finish. It supports up to 500 pounds if you install it in a stud or Secure mount (not included).

You can install it at any angle. Some users recommend mounting it horizontally. It’s possible to install Moen 8724 Home Bathroom Grab Bar where stud mounting is impossible provided it aligns with the surface.

The sellers recommend using Moen 8724 Home Bathroom Grab Bar for bathroom or toilet.

What we liked: Moen 8724 Home Bathroom Grab Bar blends with many bathrooms and kitchen décor. It’s rustproof and ADA compliant. Most customers loved that it’s versatile and strong and offers rock-solid grips. We also loved its long-lasting performance.

What could be improved? Though this tool has an awesome functionality, most buyers were unhappy that it does not come with a SecureMount.

  • Size: 7-10 ft.
  • Finish: Iceberg White, Metallic Black
  • Weight capacity: up to 300 lbs.

Other features: zinc plated steel, tension-mounted, pivots 360°, locks into position every 45°

Whether you’re standing or stepping into your bathtub, the Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar offer the safety and stability you need. It supports up to 300 pounds and locks into position every 45 degrees.

This tool comes in 2 53-inch pieces that blend with multiple home décor. Some users love its adaptive nature.

You can use the pole to substitute protruding handrails and bulky toilet rails and adjust its height to fit flat ceilings measuring 7 to 10 feet tall.

The best part is, Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar come with rubber pads that safeguard your floor and ceiling against scratches. You won’t need any wall mounts or screws for installation.

Why are we impressed? The Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar is durable and flashy. It’s versatile. You can use it as a bedside support handle, wheelchair transfer pole, bathroom grab bar, or chair standing handle. We noticed that it’s solid and hefty and comes with an excellent coating. Its zinc plate is rust-resistant with powder finish for durability.

What could be better: Overall, the manufacturer should do a design overhaul to the wobbly grab bar. We also noted that the steel screws are weak.

  • Size: 30 in.
  • Finish: Peneed, Glacier
  • Weight capacity: up to 300 lbs.

Other features: stainless steel construction, ADA compliant, limited lifetime warranty

With a 30-inch bar length and 1.25-inch diameter, the Moen R8960FD Flip-Up Screw-In Bathroom Grab Bar supports up to 300 pounds. It accommodates hands of all sizes and offers the safety, comfort, and peace of mind you deserve.

It’s designed from stainless steel for added durability. The sellers mention it features a corrosion-resistant finish to enhance its life.

The sellers avail it in two options. You can buy the stainless finish or glacier model. Experts recommend the glacier models for bathrooms since they’re bright and offer a clean look.

Well, Moen R8960FD Flip-Up Screw-In Bathroom Grab Bar flips up and out of the way to save on space. Users appreciate it offers a solid grip in the bathroom, toilet, and shower.

The box comes with a 30-inch flip bar and a manual to walk you through the installation process. Moen has backed you up with a lifetime warranty that ensures prompt replacements or repairs if your machine drips or has defects.

What makes it stand out? This tool is ADA compliant. It’s sturdy and offers great quality. The finishing reduces slipperiness, and its bar is smooth and easy to move. Experts note that the stainless finish offers a classic sleek look.

What could be better: We noted that its hinges wear out fast

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AmazonBasics GBAR-150-18 Grab BarGreat Weight Capacity

  • Size: 18 in.
  • Finish: stainless steel
  • Weight capacity: up to 500 lbs.

Other features: stainless steel construction, ADA compliant

AmazonBasics GBAR-150-18 Grab Bar has a stainless-steel construction supporting up to 500 lbs.

It comes with a 1.5-inch diameter, a mounting foot cover with a 3-inch diameter, and an 18-inch rust resistant grab bar.

The manufacturer recommends it for tub, shower, and bathroom walls. They warn users that this grab bar has toxic chemicals like lead.

You can install it on masonry, wood backing, or drywall. Experts recommend using proper anchors if you install it on drywalls. You should use a metal anchor bolt if your shower wall is hollow. One customer said it took him longer to install it, but the tool did not become loose.

What we liked: AmazonBasics GBAR-150-18 Grab Bar offers plenty of clearance space for users with huge hands. It’s sturdy and looks great. You can mount it outside, provided you use a sealant around the cover hiding the flanges.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? We feel its vertical mounting is a bit daunting. Some customers also complained that AmazonBasics GBAR-150-18 Grab Bar is not ADA compliant.

  • Size: 16 in.
  • Finish: white/gray
  • Weight capacity: n/a

Other features: suction cup design, plastic construction

Safe-er-Grip Bath & Shower Handle works best with smooth and non-porous tiles that are 4″ X4″ with gray accents.

It’s great for shower walls, but you can place it near your bathtubs for extra support. Experts shun against using it on textured surfaces.

Safe-er-Grip Bath & Shower Handle are suction cups. They lose their suction with time. Some users complained that this handle does not stick on the wall for long.

Other buyers claim it’s easy to install and remove. Safe-er-Grip Bath & Shower Handle offers enough balance as you enter or exit your bathtub. Don’t glue it.

What are its best features? Safe-er-Grip Bath & Shower Handle can attach to sheetrock with a smooth surface. You can mount and remove it at any time. Some users mention that you can install it for two or three months before it comes out.

What could be improved? We feel that this tool gives users a false sense of security. Most users complained it does not stay on the wall for long. They’re strong and will damage glass doors.


GreenChief Suction Grab BarBest Suction Shower Grab Bar

  • Size: 12 in.
  • Finish: black and white
  • Weight capacity: up to 250 lbs.

Other features: suction cup design, tool-free installation

GreenChief Suction Grab Bar is a secure bathroom accessory that supports up to 250 pounds.

It has two strong suction cups designed for flat surfaces. You can install it on tiles bigger than 4″ X 4″ glass, acrylic, and fiberglass.

It takes 5 to 10 seconds or less to install this tool without drilling or using extra tools. You only need to flip the lock to secure it in place. Its bar does not leave marks on the installation surfaces.

Don’t install it over grout lines or gaps since it works perfectly with a solid surface that makes the suction adhere well.

The manufacturer recommends this shower grab bar for the elderly, handicap, and toddlers. Experts add that it’s a good fit for shaving legs, surgery recovery, or preventing injuries.

Why are we impressed? GreenChief Suction Grab Bar is sturdy and works well. The manufacturer offers a free shower sponge. We feel that it’s a great best grab bar for anyone seeking to avoid drilling holes in their ceramic.

What negatives must you be aware of? some buyers complained it falls off sometimes.


Franklin Brass 5612 Bath and Shower Grab BarBest Basic Shower Grab Bar

  • Size: 12 in.
  • Finish: stainless steel
  • Weight capacity: up to 500 lbs.

Other features: exceeds ADA and ASTM standards, concealed mount, limited lifetime warranty

Supporting up to 500 lbs., the Franklin Brass 5612 Bath and Shower Grab Bar is a heavy-duty tool designed from stainless steel.

It has a 1.5″ bar diameter that offers ample space for perfect grips. One user recommends drilling it with a masonry bit and using Snap togglers for installation.

Franklin Brass 5612 Bath and Shower Grab Bar has a concealed mount for covering your screw holes to maintain a clean look in your bathroom. You will get a product’s placements guide and instructional videos.

Some users say it’s a good bar for stepping out of the shower. Others recommend it for the elderly and handicap.

What are its best features? Franklin Brass 5612 Bath and Shower Grab Bar are well-made, ADA compliant, and come with screws, but you can invest in anchors and install it on wood walls. You can get this grab bar in several finishes and sizes. Its metallic stainless steels add a unique touch to bathrooms.

What could be better: Customers complained that the included screws strip easily. Some said that the how-to video is inaccurate. We don’t recommend it for doing chin-ups.

Things to Consider

There are lots of grab bars in the market so choosing the perfect one for your bathroom can be daunting.
Remember, grab bars differ in terms of size, construction and weight capacity. To land a great model, you need to focus on precise features during your selection process.
This guide will look at why you should buy a shower grab bar and how to choose a good model.

Why buy a shower grab bar?

Shower grab bars come with tons of benefits. They offer extra support for the elderly, seniors and people with disabilities, enter or exit showers and bathtubs.

You can use shower grab bars to maneuver easily in bathrooms and safeguard your family against fatal accidents that can occur in your home. They can grab the rails if they slip near the installation area.

We also feel that shower grab bars add a sleek touch to your bathroom home decor.

7 Best Shower Grab Bars for Extra Support and Maneuverability

How to choose the best shower grab bar?

Grab bars are designed differently. The ones that appeal to others may not necessarily match your needs.

Choosing a good grab bar isn’t as easy as it seems, but you don’t have to consider plenty of features during your selection process.

We recommend narrowing down to precise features like the installation type and the weight capacity that a bar can support before you invest.

In this section, we will look at other features you should consider, like the style and finish, grip surface, etc.


There are two types of grab bars – mounted and suction grab bars.

Mounted grab bars like Moen 8724 Home Bathroom Grab Bar and Franklin Brass 5612 Bath are ideal for users who want to drill holes in their walls or prefer bars with hardware installation. We don’t recommend them for users living in rented apartments.

Suction grab bars like Safe-er-Grip Bath & Shower Handle come with large suction cups that stick on the installation surfaces. You can attach and detach them whenever you want. Experts say they’re easy to use and portable though they don’t guarantee safety. Some fall off fast.

We recommend suction cups for seniors who love traveling.


Grab bars rails come in several sizes. The best size depends on your installation area. If your area is small, it’s best to pick compact yet effective grab bars like AmazonBasics GBAR-150-18 Grab Bar and Safe-er-Grip Bath & Shower Handle.

Our top picks range from 7 to 30 inches. You can pick a 30-inch grab bar like Moen R8960FD if your installation area is spacious.

We also picked grab bars below 20 inches like Franklin Brass 5612 Bath and Shower Grab Bar, and GreenChief Suction Grab Bar.

Style and finish

Regardless of your budget, you should pick a model that matches the décor.

Grab rails come in multiple color finishes like rose gold, matte black, and stainless steel. You can get a grab with extra features like pivoting like Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar.

The finishing and style affect the grip, so it’s best to consult an occupational therapist first before investing. You don’t want to risk purchasing a tool with a slipper grab bar with a sleek style and finishing.

Weight capacity

7 Best Shower Grab Bars for Extra Support and Maneuverability

The weight capacity of a shower grab bar matters a lot. Chances are, you will get injuries if your grab bar doesn’t support your weight.

The weight capacity of our top picks’ ranges from 300 to 500 lbs. Several shower grab bars with secure mount anchors have a 500 lbs. weight capacity.

You can pick grab bars with 300 lbs. weight capacity like Moen R8960FD and Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar.

Grip surface

Grab bars have a smooth or textured surface.

A good grab bar should offer a solid grip even when wet. Grab bars with smooth finish are often slippery, and we don’t recommend them for bathrooms.

Though textured grab rails offer excellent grips, they won’t favor you if you have delicate hands. You can easily get scratches.

ADA compliant

ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design

These standards ensure all companies design grab bars for people with disabilities to use.

Experts recommend investing in ADA compliant grab bars like Moen R8960FD and Franklin Brass 5612.

Some customers complained that AmazonBasics GBAR-150-18 Grab Bar is not ADA compliant.


It’s disheartening to buy a shower grab bar with defects or one that damages fast after a few weeks.

This is why it’s important to ensure your shower grab bar comes with a warranty. The lengths of warranty differ from all brands. We recommend buying shower grab bars with at least one or two-year warranty.


We use shower grab bars in bathrooms or bathtubs to maintain balance while bathing, standing, or exiting our shower. They can help to reduce the fatalities of your injuries if you slip.

Though suction grab bars have several limitations, they are relatively safe to use if you pick the one with the right weight capacity.

Our Verdict

Selecting an excellent grab bar for your home can be a headache. How will you know if a model suits the needs of the senior, elderly, or the children you wish to support with so many low-end products in the market?

Luckily, this guide has everything you need to make the best purchase decision. Our first pick is Moen 8724 Home Bathroom Grab Bar, a versatile machine that offers long-lasting performance. It blends with different bathroom and kitchen décor.

Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar is our second pick. You can use it as a bathroom grab bar, wheelchair transfer pole, bedside support handle, etc. We also loved its flashy and durable nature.

Our team also appreciated Moen R8960FD Flip-Up Screw-In Bathroom Grab Bar, an ADA Compliant with a sturdy and great finish. It has a stainless steel finish with a classic sleek look.

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