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Have you experienced the beauty and convenience that is toilet night lights? If not, you’d be surprised how much they can make your sleep and life better. That said, there are several brands in the market with some fake ones too. Luckily, we tried out several models so that you don’t have to use fake products. These gadgets will easily transform your toilet into a 21st century happy place for your family.

To help us determine the best toilet light in our review, we looked into several critical factors. First, it is critical to check whether the gadget is compatible with your toilet. You don’t want to buy an oval led toilet light when your toilet is round. Secondly, you should check the attachment method of the gadget. And since you want to use this gadget for lighting your toilet, checking for brightness and ease of adjusting such light is vital. Of course, other important features to consider include motion and light sensor, and the warranty information of the toilet light.

Top 7 Toilet Lights Review 2022


Delta Faucet 813902-N-WH SanborneEditor’s Choice

  • Shape: elongated
  • Attachment: quick release
  • Guarantee: 1-year limited

More features: 9 hours working time, 4 AA batteries required, non-slip seat bumpers, soft close

Are you in search of the best toilet bowl light? By picking the Delta Faucet 813902-N-WH Sanborne, you will have made the right decision. This toilet light which is powered by 4 AA batteries, can last for up to 6 months. Its illumination cycle is 9 hours of light and 15 hours of being off. By purchasing this light, you will transform your toilet by providing white or blue nightlight.

The manufacturer of the gadget has invested in quick-release technology that lets the light guide you to the toilet. Its soft glow also makes the toilet a much better place for everyone. Also featured is a soft close feature that ensures the seat never slams on the bowl. This feature also means that your fingers will not be pinched when closing the seat. Unlike some night light toilet seats, the Delta Faucet 813902 comes does not shift as it comes armed with nonslip seat bumpers.

While the seat is plastic and very toasty, you will be amazed as to how long it will serve you and your family. The manufacturer has even gone a step further and backed it with a one year warranty. Whether your toilet is round or oval, you will have an option when it comes to this high-quality toilet seat light. You also have the option of picking an elongated seat light.

Why are we impressed? It goes without saying that this potty light offers subtle lighting at night. You also get to enjoy slow closing and the very long battery life.

What negatives must you be aware of? To some people, the seat can be smaller. You will also note that some people prefer a 10-hour shift rather than 9 hours.


BEMIS RadiancePremium Pick

  • Shape: elongated
  • Attachment: STA-TITE fastening system
  • Guarantee: 1-year limited

More features: 3-temperature heating option, soft close, standard GFCI wall outlet, LED night light

This BEMIS Radiance toilet light will transform your toilet in an instance. The toilet will no longer be a place you want to leave, but a place you want to go to and stay. It is one of the best toilet night light in the market. It closes slowly and won’t slam hence eliminating the risk of loud slamming or pinched fingers.

With this premium toilet seat light, you can set the temperature to low, mid and high. You don’t need to switch the light on and off every time as you want that soft and toasty feel every time you sit on it. The manufacturer has included a 42” cord that is GFCI standard and which is properly grounded.

The seat will install with a snap. This serves to ensure that your best toilet bowl light installs securely. You will also love the ease with which the seat precisely fits on your toilet bowl. It can be adjusted to 18.5” to fit the wider round bowls or 16.5” to fit on the narrower bowls. For that superior toilet experience, the manufacturer has included on the seat light, super grip bumpers to prevent the seat from shifting.

What are its best features? The cool blue LED toilet light from a well-established global company can fit on almost every other toilet bowl that you can think of. What makes this a premium choice is its sophistication, the simplicity and the practicality it brings to every bathroom is used in.

What could be improved?   When you want to enter the toilet at night, you will have to switch on the regular lights to see the toilet light switch. The other thing to point out is that you have to manually switch the light on if there is a power outage.


MAYFAIR 87SLNL 000Easy to Clean

  • Shape: round
  • Attachment: STA-TITE fastening system
  • Guarantee: 1-year limited

More features: 1.5V C-cell battery required, 6-8 months battery life, plastic, red LED light

If you have been searching for the best toilet bowl light, search no more. The MAYFAIR 87SLNL 000 toilet light introduces you to a world of sophistication and class. This toilet seat light will automatically go off whenever the bathroom lights go on. This also means that you don’t have to switch on the bathroom lights at night as the toilet seat will be illuminated.

MAYFAIR has gone an extra mile to ensure that your safety is safeguarded. Unlike some night light toilet seats that have to be connected to the mains, the MAYFAIR 87SLNL 000, uses a 1.5V C-Cell battery. The battery lasts for between 6 and 8 months.

Installing this toilet bowl light is easy, and with just a wrench, you will fix it in less than 5 minutes. The manufacturer has used STA-LITE seat fastening system to ensure that you have a blissful time during installation. Moreover, it is very easy to clean and also replace them.

This toilet bowl light glows red which is helpful in that red color is less sleep disruptive. Red color has longer wavelengths, unlike blue or white. It can be adjusted to fit on all of your toilet bowls.

What do we love it for? The one obvious benefit that the MAYFAIR 87SLNL 000 affords you is safety. You don’t want electricity your toilet and MAYFAIR thinks so too. It is also one of the easiest toilet bowl lights to clean.

What were we disappointed with? The only qualms we have with this toilet seat is the changing of the battery interval. If it were longer, it would be perfect. Also, note that the toilet seat is designed for elongated bowls only.


Kohler 78059-0 RutledgeEasy Installation

  • Shape: elongated
  • Attachment: quick attach hinges
  • Guarantee: 1-year limited

More features: soft close, grip tight bumpers, stain resistant surface, dual LED lighting

The Kohler 78059-0 Rutledge offers you modern, safe nightlight technology. By purchasing this gadget, you are simply making your life easier at night when you visit the toilet at night. It illuminates at night, and this means you don’t have to turn on the overhead toilet lights. It will not disrupt your sleep.

The Kohler 78059-0 Rutledge is a unique potty light as it offers you a choice between three brightness levels: a soft glow or bright lighting options. It comes with dual LED lighting that includes a guiding light once the lid is down and a task light when it’s lifted. Your experience with the 78059-0 Rutledge will undoubtedly be amazing given that it comes with quick release hinges. This allows you to unlatch and remove the seat with ease and conveniently. You won’t need any tools to install or remove the seat. This feature also makes cleaning super easy.

This Kohler light toilet seat’s design is round, but it’s elongated to allow you to fit it on a wide range of toilet bowls. It comes with Grip-tight bumpers that help keep the seat firm. You will also love the soft-close feature of the seat that helps prevent the seat from slamming or pinching your fingers.

What we loved: This toilet seat uses batteries, and it is set to light in 8-10-hour illumination intervals. It is very easy to install and use.

What cons did we manage to find? Maybe the only bad thing about this gadget is its lack of color illumination options. You will also notice that it doesn’t come with the batteries, but this is expected with a majority of toilet seat lights and other gadgets that use batteries.

What stands out?

  • Backed by one-year warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Stain resistant surface
  • Comes with dual LED lighting
  • Wattage: 0.5W
  • Motion sensor: 18 ft
  • Attachment: flexible arm
  • Guarantee: lifetime replacement

More features: 16 LED light colors, 5-stage dimmer, 6-month battery life, 3 AA batteries required

For the best value for your money, go for the LumiLux Toilet Light Motion Detection toilet seat light. This gadget will deliver your toilet to the 21st century. With a wide range of 16 different colors, you can opt to have a constant illumination color or the carousel mode. It offers 5 stage brightness levels which make it possible to adjust the lighting to your favourite setting.

This motion sensor toilet seat light will transform your toilet experience by simply lighting as and when you need it to. At night, you don’t need to light the toilet lights as the LumiLux seat light detects you entering the toilet and lights up. It will turn off when you step out of the toilet. This gadget senses movement from as far as 18 feet away. All you need to do when installing it is to ensure that the sensor side of the gadget faces the direction of the door. You will also love this LumiLux Toilet Light’s ability to detect when the toilet lights are on. It automatically switches off. With this toilet seat light, you not only get to accentuate the beauty of your toilet but also save power.

The LumiLux Toilet Light Motion Detection toilet light comes with a flexible arm which makes it very easy to install it on any type of toilet bowl.

Why are we impressed? For the truest value for your money, this is the gadget to invest in. The 16 different lighting colors and the simple yet efficient motion sensor feature places it above the competition.

What negatives must you be aware of? Maybe the only downside to owning this unit is the high price tag it carries.

  • Brightness: 1/12 lm
  • Motion sensor: 20 ft
  • Attachment: magnetic strip
  • Guarantee: 2-year limited

More features: 2-hour full charge time, 2 brightness and 3 lighting modes, automatic turn off

The AUVON Rechargeable Motion Sensor Night Light is one of the best night light toilet seats in the market. This device is very versatile and can be used in many diverse ways. It is a 2nd Gen rechargeable light that removes the worry of buying batteries or power going off. Once you have recharged it for 2 hours, you can use it for up to 180 days when its in Auto+medium mode.

The light comes with a magnetic strip which makes it very easy to install in your toilet. Because it is a motion-activated toilet night lighting device, you don’t have to haggle with the switches at night. The AUVON light uses infrared sensors to detect your movements and lights up. Once you are done with the toilet, the light will go off after 20 seconds of inactivity.

You will love the device even more because of its ingenious 5 illumination modes. It offers you 3 lighting modes (On, OFF and Auto), and 2 brightness modes.

It is a safe gadget to own, and it will be loved by every member of the family primarily because of its sensitivity to motion and light. Its compactness and a 2-year warranty, as well as lifetime technical support, makes it a popular toilet seat light today.

What do we love it for? One cannot deny the simplicity and the very effectiveness of the AUVON toilet seat light. It doesn’t use AAA batteries, it recharges for just two hours, and it will last for up to 180 days.

What were we disappointed with? Maybe the only issue to pick with these lights is the fact that they come with one charging cable.


Vintar Toilet Night LightGreat Coverage

  • Brightness: not specified
  • Motion sensor: 10 ft
  • Attachment: soft PVC neck
  • Guarantee: 1-year limited

More features: 16 LED light colors, 170 degrees coverage, 3 AA batteries required, 5 brightness levels

This Vintar toilet light comes with a wide range of features that will make you love your toilet more. The device detects your body heat and lights up whenever you enter the toilet at night and turns off when you leave. The Vintar toilet night light also detects light, and whenever you turn on the toilet lights, it goes off. This goes a long way at cutting down your electricity bills.

This Vintar toilet light has and detecting a span of 170 degrees. This is much more than what most other lights have to offer: 120 degrees span. Tweaking your toilet becomes easy with this light since it comes with a wide range of 16 different colors. You can opt to have a carousel or a definite color theme.

The shape of the gadget is a cuboid, and it comes with an arm with which you hook on the side of the toilet bowl. It is made using sturdy plastic that will allow you to use it for many years. The manufacturer has included 5 brightness settings which are easy to set. Moreover, being a battery-powered gadget means it is safe to use for everyone.

Why are we impressed? It amazingly easy to fit this light to your toilet. It can bend easily and a one year warranty backs it.

What negatives must you be aware of? Though a perfectly good toilet light, some of the colors used can be outright disturbing, especially to a sleepy person. We also note that cleaning the device is not the easiest of chores.

Things to Consider

You obviously don’t want to buy some gadget that will malfunction on the second day of using. It is for this reason that we have explored the numerous features and factors that are necessary to consider when it comes to buying your potty light. We are going to also give you some useful tips on using and maintaining your gadget. In the last section, we have included the most asked questions and their answers. This will help you pick the best toilet seat light that will transform your toilet with.

Types of toilet lights to consider

A toilet seat light will help you transform your toilet in several ways, namely

  • Your toilet becomes more colorful
  • You will no longer bump into things at night as it lights up when you enter and goes off when you leave the toilet.
  • They do comfort children who are afraid of the dark.
  • They come in handy when there is a power outage.
  • They light your way until you leave the toilet.
  • Those that use AA or AAA batteries help you save on your energy bill.
  • They will help you fall back to sleep easily.

Depending on the type of toilet light you invest in, there are many different benefits that each can afford you. It is worth noting that there are two types of toilet lights. This will help you make an informed choice, and they are:

Those integrated with the toilet seat

This light is integrated with the toilet seat. If you are shopping for a toilet seat, buying one with toilet seat light may be the best decision that you can make. These lights will give you an additional benefit of heating the seat. The seat can also slow/close hence avoiding pinching your fingers or slamming. Examples include the Delta Faucet 813902-N-WH Sanborne and the Kohler 78059-0 Rutledge.

7 Awesome Toilet Lights - Pretty Up Your Bathroom

Those hanging from the toilet rim

These are the most common toilet seat lights. They are also the least expensive, and they are an excellent alternative to lighting up your toilet. Many of them come with a wad of LED lights and can easily be hung from the rim of the toilet bowl. Some can also be hung on the wall using a bending arm or a magnetic strip. Most of them even come with motion and light sensors. A good example includes the Vintar Toilet Night Light and the LumiLux Toilet Light Motion Detection.

How to install toilet nightlight

You will have an easy time installing your toilet nightlight. If it is the toilet seat light, you will start with unpacking the seat, the fixing the batteries and then following the manufacturer’s installation instructions. You will then have the option of setting the lighting cycle. Some have a 7-hour cycle, while others use a 9-hour cycle. Some toilet seat lights do come with an electric cord to plug to the socket.

As for the hanging over the toilet bowl rim nightlights, the procedure is more straightforward. All you have to do is insert the batteries and then placing the gadget at the right place. It is preferred that the device faces the door to detect movement at the door. Many of these lights come with motion and light sensors.

Price range

Irrespective of your budget, you should never fail to enjoy a well-lit toilet. In our review, we found toilet seats that cost as low as $12 and yet they will help deliver your bland toilet into the 21st century. There are premium toilet seat lights such as the Delta Faucet 813902-N-WH Sanborne whose price is above $50.

Features to consider while buying the best toilet light

If you keep grappling in the dark and hitting your toes on wall corners and eventually losing sleep just because you visited the toilet at night, it is probably time to invest in a toilet light. Some of the features to look out for when shopping around for a toilet seat light include:

Sensors and motion detection range

Some of the toilet lights come with motion sensors and light sensors. When buying your light, you should consider whether these features are necessary or not. With the motion sensor, the potty light comes on whenever you open the toilet door at night. The light will then go off when the device senses no movements after so many seconds. Different devices come with varying detection distance. In the case of AUVON Rechargeable Motion Sensor Night Light, it is 20ft and 10 ft for Vintar Toilet Night Light. When you switch on the lights after entering the toilet, the toilet light will go off and come back on when you switch them off.

Working time

This feature means the duration which your toilet light will stay on every night. In the case of Delta Faucet 813902-N-WH Sanborne, the working time is 9 hours of illumination and 15 hours of being off. You should, therefore, set the timer in such a way that the light stays on at night and going off during the day when not needed. For the battery toilet lights, a majority of them come with light detectors as well as motion sensors. This means the toilet light only lights up at night, and when you enter the toilet. The batteries can last for as long as six months as is the case with the AUVON toilet light.

Color variation

You can alter the color your toilet light gives on most gadgets. Unless you buy a toilet seat light that comes with predetermined lighting color, some of the devices offer a range of colors, some as many as 16. With the toilet seats that provide a range of colors, you can opt to have a carousel of colors to lighten up your bathroom, or you can pick a constant color.


7 Awesome Toilet Lights - Pretty Up Your Bathroom

The durability of your toilet light is something else to consider when shopping for one. It’s common to find that yours is made of plastic. To ensure the durability of your toilet seat light, manufacturers such as BEMIS and Delta make their products slow/close. This prevents the toilet seat from slamming.

Battery charge indicators

For the toilet seat lights that use batteries, the manufacturers include a battery charge indicator. This indicator helps you know whether the batteries are down or not. However, there are those lights that don’t offer this feature.

Light brightness

The brightness that your toilet light delivers is something to consider. You don’t want to enter the toilet when drowsy, and the first thing you see is a super bright toilet bowl. Some toilet lights such as the AUVON Rechargeable Motion Sensor Night Light, offer 3 different brightness options. The Vintar Toilet Night Light and LumiLux Toilet Light Motion Detection have 5 dimming settings. You can, therefore adjust the lighting in the bathroom to suit your taste.


In some instances, it might be okay to buy a product or service without minding the guarantee the manufacturer has to offer. But in the case of potty lights, it is wise to invest in one whose maker gives their word as to the functionality and durability of the gadget. Vintar, MAYFAIR, and Kohler provide a one-year warranty while AUVON backs theirs with a 2-year warranty. A lifetime replacement warranty supports LumiLux Toilet Light Motion Detection.


The design of your toilet light influences its usability. You cannot invest in an oval seat light when your toilet is round. But, to cope with this challenge, MAYFAIR and Delta among other makers of seat lights make their products adjustable. Their seat lights can, therefore fit different toilet sizes.

Easy installation

How hard or easy it is to install your toilet light should be something to consider. This is because you will often be tasked with the job of replacing batteries and cleaning the gadget. The easier it is to install the light, the more convenient it will be for you to use it. In the case of Vintar Toilet Night Light, all you have to do is hook the arm on to the toilet rim. In the case of Delta Faucet 813902-N-WH Sanborne, you should read the installation instructions from the manufacturer. However, it is an easy procedure that will take you less than five minutes.

Extra features

You may be looking forward to fully transforming your toilet with a premium toilet seat light. Some products will give you just what you need and much more. Some of them can warm the toilet seat while others boast of deodorizing and sanitation features. These extra features are the ones that will transform your toilet in untold ways.


Cleaning the toilet lights should be easy. When cleaning the toilet seat lights, you should first remove the batteries or unplug the gadget to prevent a short circuit or electrocution. As for the LED light that is hung by the side of the toilet, wiping will do just fine.

Changing the toilet lights batteries varies from one product to another. In the case of toilet seat lights, you will need to remove the seat and replace the batteries, just like you did when installing the seat light. The good thing as is the case for most seat lights is to snap the battery groove and to remove the batteries. In the case of toilet lights stuck by the side of the toilet, unsnapping the gadget and then removing the battery cover is pretty straightforward. However, manufacturers have included user manuals that are easy to follow.

Yes. Toilet lights are very safe gadgets to have in your home. In fact, it has been shown that these gadgets help children and infants who are afraid of the dark go to the toilet with confidence. Besides, most of these lights use AA or AAA batteries which are very safe to use around children.

Our Verdict

The Delta Faucet 813902-N-WH Sanborne toilet light is our editor’s choice. Besides allowing you to choose between blue or white illumination colors, it stays lit for 9 hours and will serve you for 6 straight months. Moreover, the non-slip bumpers help at ensuring the toilet seat if firm and durable.

The BEMIS Radiance toilet seat is our premium pick if you are willing to splurge. It is one of the best toilet light models for several reasons. We loved its one-year warranty and how it warms the toilet seat. What’s more, it can fit on a wide range of toilets.

MAYFAIR 87SLNL 000 toilet light is our third pick. This round, shaped toilet light is very easy to install and clean. The STA-LITE seat fastening system makes it easy to install. It uses simple 1.5V C-Cell battery that will last you between 6 and 8 months. With this purchase, you can dim the light to any of the 5 available settings.

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