How to Clean Shower Head without Vinegar?

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Last updated: August 29, 2023
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Cleaning your shower head is one thing you should do if you want your toilet fixture to work correctly. When you first install it, water normally comes from the holes at the right pressure when it is properly connected. Over time, however, its functioning can be altered, and itbecomes less effective. The causes are multiple: soap scum buildup, limescale infiltrating the holes, mineral buildup, etc. If you discover that your shower head is not working the way it once did, you should consider cleaning it.

Do you want to know how to clean a shower head without vinegar? Although this ingredient is one of the best to use for household chores Trusted Source How to remove limescale | DIY | The Guardian Calcium carbonate – that’s limescasle to you and me – is easily dissolved in a range of mild acids… , it is possible to clean everything without it. The tips we will subsequently share with you will help you properly care for and maintain your shower head!

Why does a shower head need cleaning?

How to Clean Shower Head without Vinegar?Knowing how to clean the shower head without vinegar is not an option of housekeeping. Everyone baths or showers, and you should know how to clean your toilet fixture. Even the best handheld shower head is not safe from clogs and/or spots. Sometimes, most people don’t see how important it is to clean a showerhead. Unlike some toilet fixtures (bathtubs, for example) that show how dirty they are, showerheads don’t readily do so because their dirt is located on the inside.

Whether they are dirty from soap scums, mineral buildup, or other organic matter, they stay on the inside and cause clogs over time. As a result, the showerhead’s holes stop producing an even flow of water. You can, therefore, notice irregular spray patterns or a sudden decrease in water pressure. When it happens, it means that your toilet fixture needs a good cleaning.

If this reason is not enough to convince you to clean your shower head, you must consider the health issues it can create. Because a showerhead operates both in a humid and hot environment, it tends to be a perfect ground for germs, mold, and bacteria to develop. For this particular reason, you must always keep it cleaned and maintained.

How does a showerhead get dirty?

Before going into the  cleaning process of shower heads Trusted Source 3 Ways to Clean Limescale from a Showerhead - wikiHow Limescale is a type of mineral buildup caused by calcium residue. It’s usually white and chalky, and can make your showerhead look old and dirty. The best way to remove limescale is to soak it in white vinegar, since vinegar eats away the… , it is necessary to know how they get dirty! Understanding its genesis helps you take the appropriate cleaning measures. Having said this, here are some of how shower heads can get dirty:

  • If you find organic matter in your water, it can result from dirt contained in your toilet fixture;
  • Debris is also a reason why shower heads get dirty;
  • Slime and mineral buildups are also reasons why your toilet fixture gets dirty.

All these causes have one common factor: water. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it. The only possible remedy is maintenance.

Whatever source of water you are using, there are always going to be microorganisms that build in it. Most of them are harmless if you take the time to regularly the fixture. It also facilitates water flowing and helps you benefit from adequate water pressure when showering or bathing.

Now that you know what causes showerheads to get dirty, here are some of the things you must avoid when cleaning them.

Cleaning tips: what to do and not to do!

When cleaning your showerhead, there are some things that you can do and others that it is best to avoid. Not only do these cleaning tips help you protect your toilet fixture, but they also make them last longer. Here is what you ought and ought not to do when trying to clean a shower head.

Do not use bleach

The first reaction of many, when it comes to cleaning a showerhead, is to reach bleach. While this liquid helps in many household chores, it is not recommended for showerhead cleaning. Bleach can instead increase some bacteria’s percentage and resistance in showerheads. There are some non-toxic and safer solutions that we recommend and that are more effective.

Do not use harsh commercial products

You can also be tempted to use harsh commercial products to clean your showerhead. While there are many chemical products in supermarkets, they may not be in your best interest. They can damage your showerhead. More so, many manufacturers don’t recommend their use. Why take the risk of damaging your toilet fixture?

Avoid using coarse brushes

Most people think that they need strong brushes to clean their showerheads. As a result, they purchase a rough scrub to do the work. It is the wrong thing to do, as it can scratch or lose the finish of your toilet fixture when you scrub vigorously.

Work in a well-ventilated space

Are you using a cleaner that has a strong fume to clean your showerhead? We recommend you work in a space with sufficient ventilation. The cleaner need not necessarily be a harsh commercial product. Also, it can be a household ingredient. Make sure that you open your windows to allow airflow.

What are the best ways to clean a shower head without vinegar?

Are you using a high-pressure showerhead? Even this toilet fixture requires cleaning, and it is possible to clean it without vinegar. Apart from vinegar, here are some of the best options that you can use:

Baking soda

How to Clean Shower Head without Vinegar?Baking soda works miracles and is the best way to clean the shower head without vinegar. This natural household ingredient helps you get off of the hardest stains on your toilet fixture. Another reason why this method is recommended is that it is easy to put up with and inexpensive. How to clean shower head with baking soda?

  • First, you must mix baking soda with some warm water to obtain a paste. Then, use a soft sponge to scrub off dirt from your toilet fixture before applying the baking soda solution.
  • Next, wear gloves and apply the baking soda paste to your showerhead. You can take it off from the wall or leave it there. The application of the paste is done by hand or using a brush.
  • Let it sit for a maximum of fifteen minutes, and then scrub it off with a rag or a soft brush. Usually, the dirt should come off. Finally, use water to wipe off the remaining baking soda paste.

You will love baking soda because it is all-natural and it does not side effects. Don’t forget to reconnect the showerhead and run water. It lets out any residue left.

Bronner’s liquid soap

How to Clean Shower Head without Vinegar?Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap is an excellent cleaner to use if you want to clean your showerhead. You can try Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner. It is safe, polyvalent, and contains natural ingredients. You can therefore include it in your cleaning supplies. This is what you will need and how you will use them:

  • The liquid soap;
  • Hot water;
  • A dishcloth;
  • A plastic bag;
  • A rubber band.

Concerning the use, you have to:

  • Pour a good amount of the liquid soap into your plastic bag and add water to it to create a soapy mixture. The quantity of soap/water should be equivalent. For example, for two cups of water, about 1/8 of a cup of soap will be enough.
  • Attach the plastic bag to the showerhead. To do that, you can use a rubber band. Make sure that the bag sits tight around the showerhead and that the latter is completely immersed in the soapy mixture.
  • Allow it to sit for 30 minutes and remove the bag from the showerhead. Then, rinse with warm water and wipe with your dishcloth.
  • Again, you will want to turn on your shower to run the water. Doing this removes any remaining residue and makes sure that your toilet fixture is cleansed.


How to Clean Shower Head without Vinegar?Coca-Cola is one of the beverages that has been used for years when it comes to cleaning stuff in the house. It produces an excellent result in getting rid of grease and rust. However, its scope goes beyond these household chores. You can also use this beverage to restore your tarnished copper or silver and even to clean your showerheads. How does it work?

  • The first thing to do if you want to clean your showerhead with Coca-Cola is by removing it from its fixture.
  • Next, put the beverage (a can of it) in a large bowl.
  • Then, immerse the showerhead in the bowl for a few minutes.
  • Lastly, remove it from the beverage and wipe it with a microfiber cloth to remove the dirt or grime.

There is no doubt that Coca-Cola is an efficient cleaning product. However, we don’t recommend you to let it soak for too long. Otherwise, the beverage will leave a sticky residue on your fixture.

Don’t forget to rinse your showerhead with water and soap before putting it back in its fixture. It ensures that it is clean and free of any sticky residue.

Oven cleaner

How to Clean Shower Head without Vinegar?How to clean a shower head without vinegar? You can also use an oven cleaner to perform the task! It is an effective and multifunction cleaning product. You can use it to remove grease, baked, and stuck-on food from your oven. When it comes to showerheads, it has a sterilization function. To use it on your toilet fixture, you must:

  • First, wear gloves. The oven cleaner is abrasive, and touching it directly can cause damages to your skin.
  • Also, don’t hesitate to wear a mask to avoid inhaling its smell.
  • Spray the oven cleaner all over the showerhead.
  • Next, let it sit for fifteen to twenty minutes. We don’t recommend you to let it sit for more than this required time because it can alter the finish of your toilet fixture.
  • Then, rinse the showerhead with hot water. You don’t have to take the showerhead off from its fixture to spray the oven cleaner.
  • Your showerhead is clean and ready to use.

Lemon juice

How to Clean Shower Head without Vinegar?Do you want to clean your rain shower head without vinegar? You can use lemon juice! It is similar to the former with its acidic nature, which is capable of removing grease and all sorts of dirt. To use lemon juice, you must:

  • Either purchase a bottle of lemon juice or squeeze lemons to retrieve juice.
  • Then, use a soft cloth and coat your showerhead with lemon juice.
  • You don’t have to scrub the showerhead after coating it. The acid contained in the lemon juice does the job for you.
  • Let the coating sit for a few minutes and rinse off your showerhead with water, and wipe it. Your toilet fixture is cleansed!

Reasons to keep your showerhead clean

Many people don’t see the necessity of cleaning their showerheads. Like we previously mentioned, these toilet fixtures can foster bacteria proliferation. By regularly cleaning them, you protect your health and prevent the development of bacteria. Some of them may infect your skin and cause rashes. You also protect yourself, especially if you have a weak immune system; you lessen the risks of getting sick.

Did we also mention that you improve the water pressure and flow? You can enjoy a relaxing and nice shower or bath!


How often should I clean my showerhead?

You can clean your shower head at least once a month, depending on whether you are using hard water or not. Generally, showerheads accumulate bacteria and mineral buildup over time. These can affect the water flowing and maybe your health. You, therefore, want to make sure that your toilet fixture is as clean as possible.

Can I clean my shower head without removing it?

Yes, it is possible to clean a shower head without removing it from its fixture or the wall. It depends on the cleaning method and product you are using.

Do I need to call a plumber to de-assemble and assemble my showerhead when I want to clean it?

How to Clean Shower Head without Vinegar?Whether you call a plumber or not depends on you. However, his presence is not necessary. Almost all showerheads come with easy installation features. You can do the assembling and de-assembling yourself!

Final thoughts

Now that you know how to clean the shower head without vinegar don’t hesitate to use all the methods listed to maintain your toilet fixture. Not only are you increasing its lifespan by ensuring that it lasts longer, but you also protect your health. A clean showerhead also promotes proper water pressure. We hope that this article has been a huge help to you.

Instead of cleaning your toilet fixture, if you are looking for a new high-pressure showerhead, check the Aqua Elegante H4D125-PC model!


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Calcium carbonate – that’s limescasle to you and me – is easily dissolved in a range of mild acids…
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Limescale is a type of mineral buildup caused by calcium residue. It’s usually white and chalky, and can make your showerhead look old and dirty. The best way to remove limescale is to soak it in white vinegar, since vinegar eats away the…
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