How to Fix a Crack in Your Plastic Bathtub – Keep Your Tub in Pristine Condition

This article will teach you how to take proper care of your bathtub and repair cracks in them. Bathtub maintenance is very important and it should be paramount in every household.
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Last updated: August 12, 2023
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The bathtub is that one room in our houses that we make use of every day. For this single reason and health purposes, the bathtub must always be in pristine condition. There are different types of tubs like acrylic tubs, whirlpool tubs, alcove tubs, etc. and they all have the same basic principles.

Plastic bathtubs are the easiest and most affordable bathtubs to install on your home. Although not as classy as the ceramic and porcelain ones, it serves the purpose just right. In this guide, we will teach you how to fix a crack in your plastic bathtub, if such an unpleasant thing happens. Some cracks might be so little, they won’t cause any leakage while some are downright huge and could cause a lot of discomforts. But either way, you must ensure that you fix the tub as soon as possible. The longer you allow cracks to linger, the more damage you can cause. Let’s dive into the details of bathtub refinishing.

What causes cracks in a bathtub?

A couple of things can make a crack appear in a plastic bathtub. Bathtubs are usually durable, but when something hard is dropped with force on the surface, it can crack.

Faulty installations are another reason a crack can appear on a bathtub. When a tub is not properly installed, you can expect things to go wrong in the long run. It helps to always get experts when installing these things to avoid future problems.

Cleaners that are highly abrasive like some bleaches can also cause cracks in the bathtub over time. This is because when you constantly use these cleaners to wash your tub, they erode the gloss and finish of your tub faster than usual. This gives room for cracks and damages because it allows moisture to seep into the material.

Fixing the cracks

How to Fix a Crack in Your Plastic Bathtub - Keep Your Tub in Pristine Condition

In order to fix the crack in your bathtub, you must understand the type of crack that your bathtub has. There are two major types of cracks you should look out for; hairline cracks and stress cracks.

Hairline cracks result from recurring damages like constantly hitting something against the tub. They start off very small, just like a strand of hair but if not taken care of as soon as possible, they can grow and become more problematic.

Stress cracks are formed as a result of dropping heavy objects on the surface of the tub. These cracks are not so damaging and they usually occur only on the surface level. Stress cracks are usually found more in older tubs and they are not exactly a cause for major concern. They are cracks that can be dealt with swiftly and effectively.

Tools you will need when fixing your tub

  • You definitely need a putty knife.
  • A nylon-bristled paintbrush
  • A fiberglass mesh
  • Epoxy resin
  • A patch filler
  • Grit sandpaper
  • A utility knife.

How to Fix a Crack in Your Plastic Bathtub - Keep Your Tub in Pristine Condition

Steps taken to repair a crack in your plastic bathtub

Step 1. Clean your bathtub thoroughly and try to ensure that there is no dirt, dust, or debris around the cracked area.

Step 2. Drill a little hole (¼ inch) on both sides of the crack to prevent it from expanding. You can use the Avid Power Drill set, it is pretty easy to use.

Step 3. Using the grit sandpaper, sand down the crack lightly to avoid scratching the surrounding plastic.

Step 4. Thoroughly clean off all the debris on the stacked area and let it dry for at least 12 hours. If there is moisture in the crack, the resin won’t be able to hold the tub together.

Step 5. Follow the instructions on the pack of the resin and mix it properly. Gently fill the crack with this mixture and try to avoid as much spillage as possible. Make sure the filling is on the same level as the crack, don’t make it too small or too much. After you’re done, leave the resin to dry.

Step 6. Using sandpaper, sand them again. After that, soak the sandpaper in water and sand the crack yet again.

Step 7. Clean away the debris and allow the crack to dry.

Step 8. Using a nylon-bristled paintbrush, apply a delicate layer of gel coat enamel. Wait for it to dry for at least six hours.

Step 9. Enjoy your tub.

Plastic bathtub maintenance tips

Here are a few tips to ensure that your tub lasts long and you enjoy every minute of it:

  • When having your new tub installed, make sure it is done correctly and with the proper supports in place. Installation is the most important thing that can determine the durability of the tub.
  • Avoid using highly abrasive cleaners to prevent eroding. You can try contacting professional cleaning agencies if you’re unsure of what to use.
  • Be careful and try not to throw heavy items in your tub. If you have kids, make sure they don’t play with their heavy toys in the tub to avoid hairline cracks.
  • Be mindful of the weight that goes into the tub. Tubs are meant to be strong but do not overwork your tub by putting so much weight and pressure on it.

Final thoughts

Your bathtub is very essential to your bath space and at length, your health. Now you know how to fix a crack in your plastic bathtub, you should make sure that you take proper care of it at all times. The moment you spot a crack, no matter how small, it’s best you get it mended immediately. Don’t wait for the crack to grow bigger, tend to it immediately.

You could also get a commercial patch kit for your tub, they do come in handy and save a lot of maintenance costs in the long run.

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